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PEX Pipe | Plumbing Sugar Land

Eventually, the plumbing in any home will require repiping. When plumbing experiences frequent leaks, low water pressure, and/or poor water quality, it’s time for repiping your home. Cross-linked polyethylene tubing or PEX pipe is a budget-friendly option for your home’s plumbing in Sugar Land, with a lot to offer, including:

  • PEX can be installed in long pipe runs, reducing the number of fittings. This, in turn, provides less potential for leaks in any pipe materials. When fittings are required, they are secured using a specialized crimping tool. There is no need for glue or soldering.
  • PEX is extremely flexible, tolerating 90 degree turns without the need for fittings, providing improved water pressure.
  • PEX is a durable product, lightweight and easy to install.
  • PEX is safe for drinking water and isn’t affected by the chemicals used to treat water.
  • PEX reduces the noise
  • of water hammer in your home’s plumbing in Sugar Land, and conserves your hot water energy by reducing heat transfer as hot water moves along PEX piping.
  • While the water in PEX can freeze, the piping tolerates expansion better than other pipe materials due to its flexibility. However, it can’t be installed outdoors as noted in the disadvantages section.
  • The PEX system offers a shutoff valve for each section, providing the advantage of easy pipe repair without the need to turn the water off to the entire home.
  • PEX is not a metal, and will not rust or corrode.

These are a few of the advantages offered by PEX. If you’re planning to install new piping, a Benjamin Franklin plumber in Sugar Land can give you the full details of this amazing product.


PEX has a few disadvantages:

  • PEX is only for indoor use due to its vulnerable to the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Outdoor use can result in advanced deterioration. In addition, even though it has higher flexibility to endure freezing, it is unable to withstand consistent outdoor freezing
  • conditions.
  • PEX can’t be directly connected to the water heater. However, it can be connected to an 18-inch copper or PVC line, which is connected to the water heater as a bridge between the appliance and PEX piping.
  • PEX is not a recyclable material as copper is.
  • It is essential PEX isn’t allowed to be exposed to pesticides, herbicides or other toxic substances due to the potential for the material to absorb the toxin, resulting in water contamination.

PEX pipe has been perfected over its 30-year history of use and is safe for drinking water. PEX is NSF International certified for water purity. PEX pipe offers a cost-effective solution for a new or existing home’s plumbing in Sugar Land.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg offers professional plumbers and plumbing services you can rely on for your plumbing in Sugar Land. If you are in need of repiping and are interested in PEX pipe, or other pipe material, give us a call today. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg serves Sugar Land, Katy, Houston, and the surrounding areas, and is a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.