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Plumbing for a Vacation

Summer is a time for vacations, family camping trips, and the weekend getaway. One component of preparing for a trip away from home, whether for a weekend, or an extended vacation is preparing your home. You may have already enlisted a friend or relative to bring in the mail and routinely check on the house. However, not preparing the plumbing in Sugar Land can lead to a disaster if a water leak occurs.

Plumbing problems can strike at any time, whether you’re home or not. Before leaving for a vacation or even a weekend camping trip, a few simple steps can ensure that you won’t come home to a flooded home with costly damage.

Leaks are the primary concern for a home’s plumbing in Sugar Land when you’re on vacation. Even when away for only a few days, a slight leak can cause major damage to the home and its foundation. Preventing the risk of water damage is as simple as turning off the water supply.

Water Conservation

While planning prevents a plumbing disaster, it can also reduce water usage and save energy. Turn off the icemaker, water softening system, and the water heater while away on vacation. Turn electric water heaters off at the breaker switch in the home’s electrical panel. Newer water heaters may have a vacation setting on the thermostat control that can be set rather than shutting off the breaker.

However, shutting off the water will also shut off the irrigation system. When it’s necessary to supply water for the lawn, gardens and landscaping, utilize other shut-off valves if available. While a flood could still occur in the primary supply line, the risks will be reduced.

An alternative a number of people prefer when away for a weekend or longer is asking a friend or relative to house sit. This prevents the need for shutting everything down. However, it leaves them to deal with emergencies that may occur. Leave a number for your plumber and HVAC technician on the refrigerator. If the house sitter will be unable to reach you for payment arrangements, contact the office of service providers in advance and request they keep a credit card on file temporarily. That way, the house sitter can obtain the repairs needed from the plumber you trust and won’t be left holding the bill for plumbing repair or services to the air conditioning system.

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