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Low Water Pressure | Water Line Repair Sugar Land

Low water pressure is a fairly common plumbing problem homeowners experience. The causes are also fairly common and diagnosis is typically not difficult with the possible exception of a hidden leak, which often requires a professional plumber to locate. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg offers experienced, licensed plumbers for efficient diagnosis and professional plumbing repair of all your plumbing needs. Contact our plumbers today for water line repair in Sugar Land.

Potential Causes


Beginning with a simple cause you can correct yourself, check the appropriate valve. For example, when low water pressure is located at one fixture only, check the shutoff valve at the location. Not all homes will have the valve at every fixture, but if one is present at the affected location, it may have been turned by someone, resulting in the delivery of very little water.

However, if the entire home is affected, check the homes shut off the valve, typically located where the water enters the home. In addition, it is also advised you check the shutoff valve located in your water meter. Someone may have inadvertently turned the valve in either location. When the cause does not appear to be related to a valve, contact a Ben Franklin plumber in Sugar Land for diagnosis and water line repair in Sugar Land.

Furthermore, contact your water supplier or ask neighbors if they are experiencing low water pressure. It is possible the supplier is providing a repair of water mains or experiencing a problem in the water supply system. For example, the use of a fire hydrant can significantly impact the water supply in the area.

Water Leaks

Water leaks are a common cause of low water pressure throughout the home. When a hidden water leak is present, a higher than normal water bill is often the first indication of a leak. Low water pressure may be another indication depending on your normal water pressure and the size of the leak. Providing the water meter test may verify a leak depending on its size. You can provide the test by ensuring no water is used for 1-2 hours, or conduct the test when you are home alone. Turn off automatic sprinklers, the ice maker and any other appliance on a timer or automatic use. Read the water meter and write down the results. Recheck in 1-2 hours. If the meter has moved you have a leak. However, a leak may be insufficient to move the meter in the allotted time.

Our expert plumbers can locate hidden leaks and provide the necessary water line repair in Sugar Land. Never ignore a leak, especially when it is located within the home. Substantial damage to the home and its foundation can occur.

Clogged Pipes

If you have hard water, and 85% of the nation does, over time pipes can clog. The mineral buildup in the water supply pipes will grow until a clog occurs, and will occur faster in smaller supply lines. The average homeowner will not be able to determine if this is the cause. This diagnosis will require an experienced plumber with expertise for diagnosis and water line repair in Sugar Land.

Other Causes

  • A clogged showerhead and faucet aerator will cause low water pressure in the shower. Soak aerators, and also showerheads in white vinegar to loosen hard water deposits. Test an inconspicuous area of the showerhead to ensure the acidic vinegar will not damage the finish.
  • Tree roots can invade or cause damage to the main water supply line between the water meter and your home. Reduced water supply and/or a leak can result. Contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing for water line repair in Sugar Land.

If you are experiencing low water pressure and need a plumber for diagnosis and/or water line repair in Sugar Land, contact us today. Our experienced, licensed plumbers will provide the reliable, and professional plumbing services you need. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing serves Sugar Land, Houston, Katy, and the surrounding areas. We are a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.