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Water Heater Problems | Water Heater Repair Katy

Nobody wants to receive a cold shower, and especially not during the winter when water temperatures are cooler. Before calling your Benjamin Franklin plumber for water heater repair in Katy, check the following when water heater problems occur.

An Isolated Problem

Check other taps for hot water. If the problem is only in one location, the problem will not be the water heater. The faucet may be faulty, or there may be a problem with the hot water supply line. If possible, check the supply line for a leak. Otherwise, contact a Benjamin Franklin plumber in Katy for repair.

Electric Water Heaters

If your water heater is an electric model, check the circuit breaker in the home electrical service panel. Push it back to On if it has tripped. If it trips again, there is an electrical problem with the water heater, wiring circuit, or circuit breaker. However, if it remains on, wait for hot water. If none is produced, it is time to contact your plumber in Katy for water heater repair in Katy.

Gas Water Heaters

In gas water heaters, you will need to check the pilot. If the pilot has gone out, relight it according to the manufacturer’s instructions. If you are not comfortable with it, our licensed plumbers will be glad to check the water heater for you, diagnose the problem if any, and provide the required repair if needed. In addition, while your plumber is in your home is a convenient time to provide professional water heater maintenance if it is due.

Water Heater Repair in Katy

After checking the water heater, if you still have only cold water, it is time to contact your plumber for water heater repair in Katy. Your plumber will provide a comprehensive inspection of the appliance, diagnose the problem, and provide the necessary repair. Unfortunately, water heaters eventually reach the point of being beyond repair. When you need water heater replacement, our licensed plumbers can provide you with a professional water heater installation.

Water Heater Replacement

New water heater standards have resulted in an appliance that is heavier and bulkier to handle. In addition, the new water heaters are often more complicated to repair. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing plumbers in Katy can provide the installation for you from start to finish. There is no reason why you should risk injury to yourself by handling the appliance. We carry quality water heaters and can provide it, the delivery and complete the installation without your having to risk harm to yourself.

Electric water heaters pose the risk of shock and electrocution, while gas water heaters require strict adherence to code and procedure to ensure your safety from gas. Only a licensed plumber should install a water heater due to the risks involved. Furthermore, a Benjamin Franklin plumber has the latest tools for gas leak detection, and the specialized equipment for electric water heater installation, along with the expertise to ensure your safety.

Water Heater Problems

Besides a lack of hot water, other problems the water heater may experience include:

  • Unusual noise often indicates the accumulation of sediment from hard water in the water heater tank. Routine flushing will assist in preventing the build-up of sediment while extending the lifespan, and maintaining the performance and efficiency of the appliance. Banging, popping, and rumbling sounds are a common complaint with the build-up of sediment. If you are not comfortable performing a flush of the tank, a Benjamin Franklin plumber can provide it for you.
  • Discolored could indicate corrosion inside the water heater. Once this occurs the replacement of the water heater will be necessary. Replacement should be performed as soon as possible. Once corrosion shows up as discolored water, a leak is imminent that can result in serious damage to your home and its foundation.
  • Leaks can be due to corrosion of the tank, leaking components, water lines or a fitting. Contact a Benjamin Franklin plumber for water heater repair in Katy.

When water heater problems leave you without hot water, contact a Benjamin Franklin Plumbing licensed professional. Our nationally recognized plumbers have the expertise to provide reliable water heater repair in Katy. For plumbing service, you can rely on, call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg. We serve Katy, Houston, Sugar Land, and the surrounding areas, and are a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.