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Water Heater Maintenance | Water Heater Repair Sugar Land

Water heaters are an appliance that receives a lot of use, and consequently, requires maintenance. When you need water heater repair in Sugar Land, replacement, water heater maintenance or installation, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg is the plumber to call. We are committed to providing a superior quality of plumbing and your 100% satisfaction.

Professional Water Heater Installation

Before you install your own water heater, you should be aware of the advantages of professional installation.

Our professional plumbers have extensive experience and up-to-date knowledge of water heater installation. As a result, our plumbers can provide a fast and accurate installation.

Professional installation is almost required with the new energy efficiency standards effective in April of this year. Water heaters manufactured according to the new standards are heavier and bulkier. Those manufactured to the current standards will be hard to handle, and may not fit into an enclosed space.

In addition, high-efficiency models can be more complicated, requiring a knowledgeable plumber for installation.


There are considerations for water heater installation other than the location of installation. Among these factors is safety. When installing an electric water heater high voltage electricity is a consideration and a hazard to the inexperienced.

The installation of a gas water heater presents the hazards related to gas, those being fire, explosion and suffocation. However, the installation of a gas water heater requires more than circumspect safety. Gas pressure is involved in the use of any gas appliance, and the pressure required is specific. The average homeowner is not only untrained in the safety of a gas installation, but also is likely uninformed of the required pressure, and unequipped to test the pressure, or for gas leaks when the installation is complete.

A Benjamin Franklin plumber is qualified in all of these respects and is equipped with the latest technology to ensure a proper and safe installation.

Water Heater Repair in Sugar Land

One key factor in ensuring the longest water heater lifespan possible is timely water heater repair in Sugar Land. A timely repair can prevent a small problem from developing into a larger issue such as the need for a water heater replacement. Benjamin Franklin’s plumbers in Sugar Land provide prompt service and guaranteed satisfaction. In addition, all of our repairs receive a two-year warranty.

Water Heater Maintenance

The second factor ensuring a long water heater lifespan is routine maintenance. There are several reasons that it benefits you to ensure your appliance receives maintenance. The first is maintaining the appliance’s efficiency and proper performance. With 85% of the nation’s water classified as “hard water”, it is reasonable to assume non-filtered or softened water entering the water heater contains the minerals that affect the appliance’s performance and lifespan.

These minerals tend to build-up in the bottom of the water heater, eventually resulting in poor performance and the need for water heater repair in Sugar Land. When you notice a water heater taking twice as long to heat a tank of water as it once did, it is possible sediment deposits are the reason why.

Routine flushing of the water heater will assist in preventing this. The minimum recommended schedule is annual. Ideally, an existing water heater should receive a full, professional flush. Thereafter, you can drain a few quarts every three months through the drain valve. When you adhere to the 3-month schedule, a full flush should not be required again.

Homeowners may prefer a scheduled professional flush annually, which enables the plumber to check other components of the water heater ensuring proper, efficient operation. Routine water heater maintenance assists in assuring small issues are caught early, reducing the frequency of water heater repair in Sugar Land, and maintaining peak performance and reduced energy costs.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg is your preferred professional for water heater maintenance, installation, and water heater repair in Sugar Land. If your water heater needs service, give us a call and let us show you the Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg difference. We serve Sugar Land, Katy, Houston, and the surrounding areas, and are a member of the BBB with an A+ rating. Contact us today, we will be glad to provide the service you need.