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Kitchen Remodel Tips from Plumbers Houston

The old saying is that the kitchen is the heart of a home, and it is certainly a center of family activity. A kitchen remodel provides one of the top two remodels that boost a home’s value, and enhance the family’s lives. Several fields will be involved in the remodel, carpenters, cabinet makers, flooring specialists, electricians and plumbers in Houston for water lines, faucets and gas lines.

There are several factors related to plumbing that the homeowner should consider when planning a kitchen remodel:

  • Complete re-piping: If your home is an older one, the pipes may be galvanized. Though made of steel, it corrodes over time, resulting in clogged water lines and leaks. A kitchen remodel provides the opportunity of repiping with long lasting modern piping options.
  • Upgrade the fixtures: Use professional plumbers in Houston to install new fixtures such as sinks and faucets for a trouble free experience.
  • Add water filtration: If you have considered installing an under-the-sink water filter, during a remodel presents the perfect opportunity. Receiving clean water for cooking and drinking will enhance your family’s enjoyment of the new kitchen. Perhaps you would prefer whole house water filtration, to ensure clean water for the entire home. Furthermore, for homes with hard water, a water softener can put a stop to the negative effects on appliances and your health. Benjamin Franklin’s plumbers in Houston can provide the water filtration or conditioning system you require. 
  • Tankless water heater: If replacing the water heater is part of the kitchen remodel consider a tankless water heater. It takes up less space and saves significant energy by only heating water when a hot water tap is opened. Benjamin Franklin plumbers in Houston can help you decide if a tankless water heater is right for your household

Tips for a Less Stressful Remodel 

  • Save money by not eating out at every meal while the kitchen is being remodeled. If you have a place to locate a microwave, coffee pot, toaster oven and a small refrigerator, the money saved can be used for extras in the kitchen remodel. Prepare to use paper plates and disposable utensils. The alternative is to wash dishes in a bathroom sink or the laundry room’s sink. 
  • Make arrangements for pets by having a friend keep them, place them in boarding or be prepared to shut them into a room with everything they need while work crews are busy. Don’t forget to spend time with them. The noise will likely upset them. 
  • Ensure children know to stay away from the work area. Don’t leave small children unsupervised.  
  • Set aside extra money for unexpected repairs. Termite or water damage, rerouting a utility line and miscalculations on orders occur often with even the best thought out remodel. 
  • Be prepared to pack up everything in the kitchen and store it elsewhere during the remodel. 
  • For a tight budget, when the current cabinets are in good shape consider resurfacing them, applying paint or ordering new doors. Even a change in hardware can upgrade cabinets for a touch of class, with new doors and refinishing the basic cabinets you can achieve an entirely new look. Apply crown molding to the tops to add real class to existing cabinets.

Whether working with a contractor, designer or do it yourself, start saving pictures and ideas from magazines and other sources months ahead of time. Be sure to note the brand, model or other identifying information. Store the pictures and information you like in a file, when the time comes to discuss the design you will have a head start.

Make your kitchen remodel less stressful by working with Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg's experienced plumbers in Houston for your kitchen remodel plumbing needs.