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Slab Plumbing Leak Repair | Katy, TX

Numerous homes in the U. S. are built upon concrete slabs to provide stability in soils with a high content of clay. Before the concrete is poured the pipes supplying water and those for carrying waste away are installed. When slab leaks occur, the homeowner find themselves at a disadvantage with pipes buried beneath the concrete foundation. Modern plumbing provides the technology to locate leaks, and in the majority of cases, repair without any damage to the flooring at all. If you are experiencing a slab leak, Benjamin Franklin’s plumbers provide the expertise to repair your home’s plumbing in Katy.

When slab leaks the potential for damage to the foundation and potentially to your home is high. Left unattended, the damage can be catastrophic and costly. An elevated water bill is often a homeowner’s first sign of a potential slab leak. The following signs can indicate a slab leak beneath your home:

  • Unexpectedly high water bills
  • Water and/or damp patches on flooring and carpets
  • A warm spot on the floor
  • Uneven floors
  • Low water pressure or a lack of water
  • Damp drywall and/or shoe molding
  • The presence of mold and mildew in damp areas
  • A musty smell
  • Water running out from under the slab, and/or puddles close to the foundation when it hasn’t rained
  • The sound of running water
  • Cracks in the foundation or floor and/or settling of the home’s foundation

Potential Causes of Slab Leaks

High Water Pressure

High water pressure can eventually damage water lines, and may weaken the homes plumbing in Katy. In time water lines can leak at weak points or burst. Copper pipe is generally a long lasting product under normal conditions. However, during the homes initial construction poorly wrapped pipes, or damage by other workers may weaken pipe, leading eventually to a leak. The water chemistry may react with copper pipe and form pinhole leaks.


Older homes may contain galvanized or cast iron pipe which can rust over time. Once rust has occurred, the pipe becomes fragile and susceptible to leaks. If your home’s existing plumbing in Katy is rusting, repiping will be required.

Burst Pipes

Shifting from foundation settling, water, even slight earthquakes and other influences can damage a home’s plumbing in Katy.

Sewer Line Leaks

Leaks in a sewer line are frequently undetected until there are visible signs of foundation damage. In areas with expansive soil (soil that expands when in contact with water), a leaking sewer line can cause expansion of the soil. Expansive soil expands and contracts, dependent upon the amount of water present. Soil with a large of amount of clay is an example of an expansive soil. Heaving can raise a section of the floor with a sewer line leak.

Hidden Leaks

Hidden leaks are located using our specialized leak detection services. Once the leak is located, the plumber will determine the best means of repairing it. If the leak involves rusting galvanized or cast iron pipe, the recommendation may be repiping the home rather than repairing aged plumbing in Katy. Repair of worn out rusty pipe is only a temporary solution, as other leaks will occur, increasing the risk of additional severe damage to the home.

The repair of a leaking sewer line should only be provided by a licensed plumber due to the health risks involving exposure to human waste.

A periodic video pipe inspection on the sewer line and drains are both very helpful in preventing leaks and detecting them earlier. Contact your professional plumbers at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg to schedule a pipe inspection or for leak repair.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is nationally recognized for providing professional plumbers who exhibit expertise. This ensures the plumbing services you receive are provided by plumbers who are among the best in the nation. Our plumbers can locate and repair your slab leaks efficiently and reliably ensuring your home does not experience further damage from leaking plumbing in Katy.

Furthermore, our plumbers expertise enables the majority of slab leak repairs to be completed without damage to the floor.

Benjamin Franklin provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee or we re-do the job for free. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg strives to provide first quality plumbing in Katy, customer satisfaction and service you can depend for repair of slab leaks, and other plumbing services. We serve Katy, Sugar Land, Houston and the surrounding areas. We provided emergency services for your convenience, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Give us a call when you require an emergency plumber.