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Houston Water Line Repair

Everyone has seen it at least once in their lifetime: water gushing into a street intersection, with no rhyme or reason. No one is watering their yard or washing their car, it’s just flowing from somewhere. If you follow the path backward to the source of the flow, you might find a water main leak or break. These can be huge messes or smaller leaks that allow small quantities of water spilling into the street corners and on into the drains. These pipes that deliver water to residences all over the city usually run under the street and are susceptible to many things like freezing and cooling, earthquakes, or even just wear and tear. Holes and cracks can occur in the pipes, causing valuable problems for all who rely on that water. It can cause low water pressure or other problems down the line.

These same problems can occur in your personal water line that services water throughout your home. If you have seen water bubble up around your pipes in the yard, have sudden low water pressure, or if your water bill has risen significantly with no reason, it’s probably safe to assume you need water line repair work done by your local Houston professionals.

We will come to assess the situation and get it all taken care of quickly and efficiently. Sometimes water line repair requires us to dig the old pipe out and completely replace it with new pipes, free of cracks. However, sometimes the degree of damage is as such that we can repair the water line without digging trenches or causing much damage to your yard.

If you suspect a water line leak, call your local plumber right away. The problem will not just go away. It gets worse with time and will cost you.