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Recognizing The Need For Gas Leak Repair

If you are new to the Houston area, have just bought a home or even are renting, you need to be knowledgeable about what to do if you suspect a gas leak and what is typical for gas line repair. Being proficient in this information could save you money and even save a life!

Outdoor Gas Leaks

Leaks can occur outside underground. Do you know how to spot a gas leak in your yard? Here are a few helpful tips:

  1. Look for a damaged connection to a gas appliance.
  2. Look for dirt or water being blown into the air.
  3. Look for a fire or explosion near a gas line.
  4. Look for dying or discolored vegetation over gas line areas.
  5. Listen for a hissing, roaring, or whistling sound.
  6. Smell for the distinctive smell of natural gas.

Indoor Gas Leaks

  1. Most people first notice the distinctive smell of gas. It may be perceived as rotten eggs or a faint skunk smell. If you smell this, immediately evacuate the area!
  2. Call a licensed and reliable plumber in the Houston area.
  3. Do NOT light a match or turn on any electric devices.
  4. Do NOT reenter the building until a technician has deemed the area safe.

Knowing these safety protocols will help navigate you through a potentially dangerous situation if you need gas line repair. Even if it turns out to be a false alarm, you want to be on the safe side when it comes to natural gas. Do your part and stay smart!