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Common Causes for Water Heater Repair Houston

When the hot water runs out before your shower is complete, or the water isn’t as hot as it should be, it is a sign that you need hot water heater repair in Houston.

There are several issues that can affect hot water production, such as a bad heating element or a thermostat for example. Both are common issues with water heaters. When the thermostat is malfunctioning and never cuts off, water that is too hot may lead to leaks, blown pipes or even tank damage due to the excessive buildup of pressure, resulting in potential damage to the home, as well as the need for water heater repair in Houston, or potentially, replacement of the water heater.

A picture of a technician repairing a water heater

Water heaters lacking an expansion tank, utilize a pressure relief valve to release hot water in order to reduce excessive pressure. Quite often the pressure relief valve is defective, allowing hot water to drain out of the tank, resulting in an elevated utility bill. Alternately, the valve may not open leading to excessive pressure within the tank. It is a good idea to operate the pressure relief valve biannually to help assure it works properly. Always use protection on your hand in the event it is hot.

Unfortunately, when a pressure relief valve fails to open, damage may occur to the hot water heater, or pipes may burst releasing water onto floors and possibly the walls. The tanks age may be a contributing factor, but it can occur in new tanks, even on those with thermostats featuring high temperature protection. Water heater repair in Houston will need to be provided, and you may want to consider having an expansion tank installed. An expansion tank will protect the hot water heater from thermal expansion. Thermal expansion can occur when the water heater is heating water to maintain the temperature but hot water isn’t being used in a closed system.

Water heater elements are another common cause of water heater failure, especially in regions with hard water. Hard water can lead to the deposit of sediment in the tank where it often encases the heating elements. It is possible for this to lead to overheating and damage to the protective glass lining in water heaters so equipped. Heating elements that are thickly encased with mineral deposit must not only heat the water, it must do so through the thick deposit of minerals, increasing energy use and the risk of failure.

These common problems are the most frequent cause of the need for water heater repair in Houston.

Periodic draining of two quarts of hot water from the flush valve twice a year can prevent the buildup of hard water sediment and the issues it causes.

High Pressure

Water heater damage, as well as damage to pipes and appliances may occur with a water pressure greater than 80 psi. In the case of some appliances, such as ice makers, pressure than 50 psi may cause damage. If you have high water pressure you need a pressure reducing valve installed on the water meter to protect pipes and appliances. Though not a common problem, it may occur in regions providing a high water pressure. Water Heater Repair in Houston or Replacement

If the hot water heater is over ten years old it should probably be replaced rather than repairing it. It is best to use the services of a licensed plumber to avoid problems with your homeowner’s insurance policies for any damages that may occur to the home after installation, or with obtaining warranty benefits for water heater repair in Houston.

Furthermore, if you are exchanging an electric water heater for a gas burner, you will want to use a qualified plumber for the installation of gas lines and a ventilation flue. The dangers of gas are simply too great for the average homeowner to risk with a DIY installation of gas lines and appliances.

Choose the Correct Size Water Heater

It is important to select an appropriately sized water heater for your household. An overworked water heater will not last any time even with routine maintenance. A licensed plumber is the best source for helping you to determine the size of tank your household requires.

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