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Houston Water Filtration Systems

In the last few years, public concern has grown over the quality of tap water coming into the home in Houston and areas all over the country. In response, there has been a tremendous growth in the home water filtration system market. The problem arises with the sheer number of products that consumers are faced with in trying to purchase a filtration system. Also, the question still is present if the homeowner needs a water filtration system at all.

Typically, and especially in Houston, the tap water that comes into your home is perfectly safe to drink. There is a long and arduous process to ensure the safety of this water. However, homeowners that use a private water supply are responsible for monitoring the quality of their own drinking water supply. Water filtration systems and treatment devices can improve the quality of the water by reducing health hazards such as bacteria, chemical pollutants and other toxic substances, or help remove nuisance problems, such as odors, unpleasant taste and hardness.

A water filtration system will vary in type, from mechanical filters to activated carbon filters and oxidizing filters to neutralizing filters. Mechanical filters remove suspended material from water, including sand, silt, clay and organic matter. The filters are often made of fabric, ceramic, fiber, or other screening material. The filters also need to be serviced periodically. Activated carbon filters absorb impurities as they pass through a carbon cartridge.

Generally they are used to eliminate undesirable odors and tastes, organic compounds and to remove residual chlorine. They also remove some potentially hazardous contaminants like radon gas and many dissolved organic chemicals and thihalomethanes. Oxidizing filters remove iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfide. Periodically, the filter must be rinsed with a chemical solution to remove the accumulated iron and manganese. Neutralizing filters treat acidic water. The filter treats all of the home water supply by passing it through limestone chips or other neutralizing agent.