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Houston Drain Cleaning

Have a Texas-Size Drain Clog? Your Houston Plumber Can Help!

One of the most common problems people face in their homes are clogged drains. Houston plumbers see this all the time in TX and frankly, it can be prevented through regular maintenance. So, let’s replay a nightmare in our minds… You have family coming in for the holidays in just a few hours and you want everything to be perfect. You have finished all of the heavy cleaning, set out welcome mats and are ready to finish washing the last few dishes. You open the strainer to the sink but nothing happens. The drain is clogged and you are left with a sink full of gross, murky, dirty water.

Before calling your trusty Houston plumber, there are a few things to try. Commercial drain-cleaning products may be all that you need to get flowing again, but sometimes just plain household materials are sufficient to do the job. They also cost much less than brand-name cleaners.

The DIY solution (the 15 minute fix): Pour ½ cup of baking soda down the drain, then pour ½ cup of vinegar in. Wait 15 minutes, then pour a pot of boiling water down the drain.

If the DIY solution isn’t tough enough to alleviate your drain clog, you can try a caustic or oxidizing drain cleaner that create a chemical reaction in your drain to get things moving along.

So, time is ticking and thoughts of your mother-in-law seeing this sink full of dirty water and hearing the lectures about how to prevent clogs gets louder and louder in your head… it’s time to call the plumber. Plumbers in Houston, TX commonly use acid drain cleaners to do the job- if the job isn’t a foreign object like a toy, jewelry, or bottle top. Using a drain or pipe snake can pull out the clogs as well. Repetition may be needed to rid the clog, but it will be well worth it.