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Common Houston Plumbing Problems

You may wonder, “What are some of the most common plumbing problems in Houston, TX?” Since almost every building has plumbing fixtures, every building, even immaculately kept homes, end up having plumbing problems at one time or another. This is a short list that touches on some of the common plumbing problems that can occur in Houston, in Texas, and pretty much everywhere!

  1. Clogged Drains: Drains are an area open to damage and wear and tear, especially in the bathroom and kitchen. A drain is designed to allow water through, keeping debris and other items out, but sometimes, it happens anyway. Foreign objects can fall through drain covers if not positioned correctly or there can even be a buildup of things like hair and soap scum that can cause problems.
  2. Leaking faucets: If you are experiencing unusually high water bills or notice buildup around your tap, chances are you have a leaking faucet. Many people will find ignoring this plumbing problem is the easiest route to go, but if forgotten about for too long, greater damage can happen to your plumbing and home. At the early stages, it can often be fixed by replacing a worn or inefficient washer.
  3. Under-sink pipes leak: As in fixing a leaking faucet, sometimes the solution is as easy as tightening the leaky area. However, if you examine the area and there is a hole or extreme scrapes, the pipe may need to be replaced completely.
  4. Blocked toilets: This is one of the most common problems in any home. If a household plunger doesn’t do the trick, your Houston, TX plumbing company can use a sewer snake to push the clog along. In extreme cases, the pipes themselves may need addressing.
  5. Faulty water heaters: You’re enjoying your post-workout morning shower and BAM! 5 mins in and cold water sends a waterfall of goosebumps and shivers down your body. Whether it’s inadequate hot water, a freakishly high water bill, or low water flow, chances are you need your water heater checked out.

All of these problems are common plumbing issues and will not surprise us at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg. Call us at (281) 616-3978 if you are experiencing any of the above!