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Upgrade to a Tankless Water Heater

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Tankless Water Heaters for Houston Residents

Last summer you installed that tankless water heater in your Houston home and never looked back. It’s especially great around the holidays when there is a line of house guests awaiting a nice, hot shower, and no one has to be “the one” who gets the cold surprise if the hot water runs out. Tankless water heaters are unique in that they heat the water as you need it instead of continually heating water traditionally stored in a tank. They have been used in Europe and Japan for many years, but haven’t gained popularity in the United States until recently. This is largely due to the environmental movement that is happening. You can save a substantial amount every year on your monthly energy bill and also conserve natural gas. They also typically last about 10 years longer and take up much less space than a tank heater. The downside is they are more expensive to buy upfront.

tankless water heater uses a powerful heat exchanger to raise the temperature of the water instantaneously to give you piping hot water without limit. They come in two varieties: point-of-use heaters and whole-house heaters. Point-of-use systems are quite small and only heat water for one or two outlets, like your kitchen sink. The positive side to this is that they can be installed close to the outlet, saving on water loss due to lag time. Whole-house heaters are large systems, more expensive, and can operate more than one outlet at a time.

You can choose between electric, propane, or natural gas models of water heaters. Point-of-use models are generally electric, while whole-house systems are the other: propane or natural gas. If you live in Houston and are ready to upgrade your home to a tankless water heating system, call us!