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Replacing Old Pipes

If your home has continuous plumbing issues, repiping may be in order. Homes built in the 1970’s and prior are especially problematic, primarily due to the use of galvanized pipes. Over time, galvanized pipes wear out, from the inside out. Homeowners will not be likely to know the interior condition of galvanized pipes, until they begin to leak, or stop delivering water. The dismal condition of their galvanized pipes is often not known until after they call a plumber in Houston for leak repair, or low water pressure.


A repipe is the process of replacing existing corroded and worn out pipes with new pipes. It will improve the safety and quality of your home’s water supply, and will potentially prevent catastrophic damage due to leaks, rot and mold.

Unfortunately, leaks may not be the only problem affecting your galvanized pipes; the corrosion galvanized pipe eventually experiences is likely to affect your home’s water quality. Over time, galvanized pipes will rust, sediment builds up inside blocking water flow, contaminating tap water and potentially leaking. The signs that your home needs to be repiped may be as follows:

  • If low pressure only affects one fixture, the problem will be in that fixture’s supply line. Low water pressure throughout the home is an indication of debris buildup or corrosion to all existing pipes. Once pipes corrode the situation will only become worse with time. Repiping is the only option for worn out, corroded pipes.
  • Discolored water is the sign of corroded and rusty pipes, typically red or brown. No one wants to drink dirty, discolored and contaminated water. New pipes installed by a Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg plumber in Houston will stop water contamination from your home’s aging corroded pipes.
  • Frequent water leaks are a sign of corroded plumbing. Once leaks start they typically become more numerous. As bits of rust and debris find its way through the pipes supplying fixtures it is possible the material can damage faucets and fixtures, and potentially cause extensive and costly damage to your home.
  • Aging pipes is another factor that affects the pipe condition. The older the home’s plumbing is, the greater the chances are it needs to be replaced. Visible aging can be revealed by a rust buildup on the outside of the piping, visible cracks, and leaks around connections. Once the piping in your Houston home is deteriorated and suffering issues, it will need to be replaced by a plumber in Houston with repiping.

Reasons to Repipe Now

  • Leaks can result in costing more to repair damage to the home and its structure than to repipe.
  • Leaks promote the growth of mold, including dangerous black mold.
  • Homeowner’s insurance claims for leak damage and/or mold remediation ay result in higher insurance premiums or the non-renewal status of homeowners insurance.

Leave Repiping to Professionals

Repiping is a repair that all homes will eventually face. Repiping is provided to replace worn out, leaky and corroded pipes.

By using a professional Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg plumber in Houston, your homes repiping will proceed faster than trying to do it yourself. In addition a professional installation will reduce your inconvenience, will be installed accurately, and will be backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee, or we redo it for free. A professional installation is less likely to leak, break or experience noise, and modern piping materials have been engineered to last longer. An added benefit to repiping is the peace of mind it provides.

If you’re in need of repiping, pipe repair services or other plumbing call a Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg plumber in Houston for plumbing service by our professional plumbers.