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What to Do When You Need Water Line Repair

Water is one of those Houston necessities that we use many, many times every day, we can’t live without it, yet we hardly think about it…. Until there is a problem. Have you ever had to have your water turned off for any reason and found yourself scrambling to avert the crisis?

“How will I take a shower? How will I brush my teeth? Don’t use the toilet??”

Questions about everyday life start to spin around in your head because so many things use this valuable commodity. Just how long can we go without water?

Our water is supplied throughout the city from nearby lakes, reservoirs, and rivers. It’s pumped underground to our neighborhoods via large water mains then branches off to each home. This system can work perfectly for many years without a hitch, but sometimes something happens. Water pressure might drop, water bills may suddenly rise, or water may start pooling in your yard, and you know you have a problem: you probably will need a water line repair.

Plumbers will arrive with a special electronic device to determine the location of the leak. Sometimes for exact water leak detection, the line is charged with nitrogen to help locate the leak. Reasons your water line might need repair vary. These might include tree root growth into the pipe (this can occur yearly for some), mineral build-up or residue, high water pressure, ground movement, acidic soil conditions, freezing and thawing, or just deterioration over a long period of time.

Many times, only a portion of the line will need repair work done. Once the new section of pipe is replaced, it will be pressure tested for leakage. Contact our offices if you suspect water line leakage or need repair. We are happy to help.