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Before You Call a Houston Plumber

What to do before you call your Houston Plumber

Are you hearing strange things around your house? Are you new to owning a home or building and need some basic troubleshooting for possible problems related to pipes, fixtures, or water features? Would you like some general knowledge before you have to call a plumber in your Houston area? Hopefully, this guide will give you the basic how-to to navigate some common plumbing issues.

A man on the phone calling a Houston plumber

If you are already suspecting a problem, especially if it is a sudden high water usage bill, check the following places for telltale signs.

  • Look around the floors and walls near plumbing fixtures to see any puddles of water or wet walls. This may be sweating pipes which are caused by cold water passing through a pipe in a warm cabinet or air space. It may also be a bigger problem like a leaking pipe.
  • Check to see if your toilet is continuously running. It sounds like a small problem but can run your water bill up quickly. Many times the easy fix for this is to replace the rubber flapper that seals the water inside the tank. It can get worn out throughout the years but is very easy and inexpensive to replace. It could also be a leak in the toilet. There are easy walk-throughs on how to determine this using food coloring. Don’t hesitate to call your plumber if you suspect a serious problem.
  • Check your water meter. Locate your meter, read and record the level. Wait a couple of hours and reread it to see if water has gone through the pipe. Make sure NOTHING has been used in your home that uses water! If the amount has changed, it might be an indication of a pipe leak.

If you have a blockage or slow drain, determine whether it is just in the sink drain or farther down the line. You can then try dislodging or flushing out the mass with a chemical or natural solution. If this doesn’t fix the problem, call your local Houston plumber at (281) 616-3978 to bring his years of experience and proper tools to get your home in proper working order.