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Causes for Water Line Repair

Water Line Repair

Occasionally, water lines break or leak and need repair. This can be quite costly especially if you let it go for several days or weeks. Not only will your water bill grow astronomically, but the damage will also only worsen, making water line repairs harder and harder to fix.

construction on a broken water line

How do you know if you have a water line break? The most identifiable clue is a water-logged yard or spots in your grass. Also, an unusually high water bill may also be a sure indicator that there is a leak somewhere. Some signs for water leaks inside the home may be discolored drywall, ceiling tile, or carpet.

Causes for water line breaks vary, but the main culprit is drastic weather changes. Other factors that contribute to water breaks needing water line repair include pipe material, such as iron water mains. If they were installed before 1980, your pipes are probably made of iron. Iron has a tendency to crack when it expands and contracts due to temperature changes. Soil erosion from previous pipeline breaks, excavation or nearby construction activity often erodes the soil around water mains which can cause breaks. Corrosion and age is also a probability. Older pipes are not cement lined and corrode inside and outside. And don’t forget about people! Contractors, utility workers, or even homeowners can inadvertently hit a pipe with a shovel, backhoe, or other heavy equipment.

Calling a plumber to assess the situation could be the best call you make with water line repair. Waiting and seeing if the problem gets better will only cost you more money in the end. Water leaks do not fix themselves and only grow worse over time. Once you spot something unusual concerning your water line, give a professional a call. They will find the leak and know exactly what to do, saving you time and money.