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Time for a Tub Replacement?

New bathtub

We’ve all seen it.  We’ve walked through a mid-century ranch-style house, mostly upgraded and remodeled.  And then we check out the bathroom and are blinded by the turquoise/yellow/pink/maroon/orange/green/or brown sink matching the color of the toilet and bathtub.  The tile surrounding these porcelain fixtures is a complementary strange color, something out of the ’50s. It hasn’t been touched in ages, and it looks colorful, but tired, old, dingy, and outdated.

Time for an upgrade!  Fortunately, tub replacement is as easy as calling your local plumbing professional. Removing and replacing your old tub and installing a new one can be extremely difficult and time-consuming, so the advantage of calling us to do the hard stuff is that you will be assured it will be done right and the process won’t have to be repeated for another 20 years!

Consider the type of features you would like on your tub replacement.  Standard bathtubs typically have decorative features on an exposed side and are white or cream, although there are many other colors to choose from.  Although most bathtubs are rectangular in shape on the outside, the interior might feature oval, hourglass, or rectangular interiors.  Also, consider what the main use of the tub might be.  Is it for a kid’s bathroom? Master suite? Multi-purpose?  Do you desire armrests, a massage system with jets, air baths, or a deep tub good for soaking?  Don’t forget to “try on” different styles for your tub replacement.  Sit in some and find what you really like.

Tub Replacement that’s Right For You

There are also several different types of materials used in tubs, so research the advantages and disadvantages of these materials to determine which would be best for your needs. Acrylic is affordable, strong, light, and popular.  Cast iron or porcelain is more expensive, but has rich hues and resists scratches, cracks, and chips.  Gel-coated fiberglass is inexpensive but also doesn’t last as long.  Marble tubs are tough, durable, non-porous, and stain-resistant, but after the gel-coating wears down, staining is hard to remove.  European steel enamel is gaining popularity in America and is hygienic, resistant to scratches, and comes in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.  Then there is always the natural stone that can make a true statement in your bathroom.  Materials like granite, glass, brass, wood, onyx, and more require a lot of work to retain their natural beauty.

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