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Help With Drain Pipe Repair

If you’re experiencing that rotten mess of wet wood under your kitchen or bathroom sink, you’re not alone. This is likely one of the most common leaks in a home and the most common need for drain pipe repair. There are times when the problem is rooted with a worn out old pipe, however, quite often it’s stemmed from simple bad installation.

Avoid Low Quality Drain Pipe Repair Products

Tubular drains are trickier to install than one would think. Quality materials are a must. You simply can’t expect ideal results without ideal products. Whether it’s tubular plastic or tubular brass, both will serve you well as both are fine and efficient. What we want to be sure to avoid is the drain pipe repair products which are cleverly marketed as “easy to use”. Usually we can translate “easy to use” as “cheap and inadequate”.

A well recognized example of these lacking parts is the infamous flex pipe, or flex trap. It resembles an accordion and can be stretched or bent into different configurations. Additionally, another one of these parts is the flexible rubber trap with the two hose clamps that hold it soundly in place. In reality, debris can get caught in the accordion folds which create horrifying odors when used between the water seal of the p-trap and the sink drain.

A huge dilemma with the flexible connectors is that the drain is connected rigidly at the sink drain and at the place where the p-trap wall outlet attaches to the wall. There should, in fact, be solid connections in the pipes in between, allowing every bit of tubing strong support on each side. A drain will be strong, able to hold up without falling apart due to this effective support, when drain pipe repair is done right.

Kinks also occur when the flexible rubber traps aren’t lined up well enough. These are just a couple of common culprits to your drain predicaments. Using these products will only lead to more problems, however, your best bet for successful drain pipe repair is to go with the expertise of a professional. Experience not only knows what to do; but also what to avoid, and that can be invaluable.