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Dealing with Hard Water

When you think of “hard water,” do you know how to recognize it? Many of us do not know hard water when we see it – but we definitely know it when we feel it.

If you have a hard time lathering your wash cloth or body sponge while showering, chances are, you have hard water. By definition, hard water is water with a high mineral content, the minerals normally being calcium and magnesium ions. Hard water is not harmful to drink or bathe in, but the mineral content can cause problems for your water pipes, as well as hot water heaters.

The best way to reduce “hard water” is to make it “soft water.” Investing in a quality water softener will aid in ridding your water’s high mineral content. A good water softener will prove to be a solid investment, as they are scheduled to run for multiple years with minimal maintenance. Water softeners, in addition to being durable and versatile, also come as energy-efficient appliances, which can save you a significant amount of money over a year’s course.

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