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Why is My Hot Water Pressure Low?

Water Pressure

There are many reasons for low water pressure, and some are easier to repair than others. These are common reasons why your hot water pressure may be low.

Your Washer Needs to Be Replaced

First, check to see if the water pressure is low throughout your home or if the problem is centralized to one faucet. If only one plumbing fixture has low pressure, it’s likely a problem with the faucet itself. A quick washer replacement will do the trick in many cases, as these small parts get worn out over time. If this doesn’t solve the problem, you may need to replace the whole fixture.

Your Hot Water Tank Needs to Be Flushed

If the problem occurs throughout your home, but your cold water seems unaffected, it’s likely an issue with your hot water tank. Sediment can build up within the tank if it’s not flushed regularly. Over time, this sediment leads to a blockage that affects water pressure.

To solve this problem, you’ll need to call a plumber to clean and flush your tank.

You Have a Water Leak

If neither of the above solves your problem, you may have a water leak. You can diagnose this easily. First, turn all your faucets off and make sure no water is running anywhere in the home. Then, check your water meter. If the numbers are still going up, you have a leak somewhere.

Finding the leak isn’t a DIY job. You’ll need to call a plumber for emergency service because this can be a hazardous problem.

You Need to Clean Your Filter

Does your hot water system have a filter? If so, it may need a simple cleaning. It’s easy for dirt and sediment to build up and block the water from passing through the filter properly.

Your Pipes Are Blocked

Dirt, debris, rust, calcium, and sediment can build up within your pipes and cause a blockage. If you have a blockage large enough to create a noticeable difference in your water pressure, you probably need a professional plumber to address the issue.

Your Tempering Valve Needs to Be Replaced

The tempering valve combines the cold and hot water to make sure your water doesn't scald. However, these valves can break, which may lead to low water pressure. If the tempering valve is the problem, it needs to be replaced.

Your Hot Water System Needs to Be Replaced

In a worst-case scenario, the hot water system is the problem. If you rule out all the other potential causes, this is likely the issue. In this situation, you’ll need to repair or replace your hot water system.

Call a Plumber in Port St. Lucie

If your hot water pressure is low and you live in St. Lucie or the surrounding areas, call Ben Franklin in Port St. Lucie. Our licensed plumbers can fix you up in no time!