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Well Water System Maintenance Checklist

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If you rely on a well for your household’s water, the safety of your water supply is in your hands. Keeping your well water free of both harmful chemicals and bacteria requires careful observation and simple maintenance. This well water system maintenance checklist can help you get years of safe, high quality water from your well.

Here’s your checklist for well water system maintenance:

  1. Test your well water yearly, especially for local contaminants. You can find your state’s certified testing laboratories as well as other pertinent information here.
  2. Get a well water system checkup annually by a professional plumber. A checkup will include a flow test and an inspection of the equipment.
  3. Inspect the well cover or well cap regularly. A loose or missing cap can let pollutants into your water supply.
  4. Examine well system components regularly, including any above-ground pumping equipment and wiring, storage tanks, and filtration systems.
  5. Keep materials like motor oil, pesticides, paint, or fertilizers a good distance from your well to avoid contamination.
  6. Pay attention to the location of your well when mowing or landscaping. The top of your well should always be 16 inches above the ground, and the ground should slope away from the well. Avoid hitting the well with your mower, as it could damage the cap or casing.
  7. Be vigilant, year round. If you notice any changes in your water’s taste, color, or odor, or if water is sputtering or fizzing from the faucet, it’s a good idea to test your water.
  8. Keep records in a safe place in your home, including repair invoices and annual/non-annual test results.

When do I need a professional?

This well water system maintenance checklist can help you keep your well water system in working order through visual inspection and simple maintenance. However, a professionally licensed plumber is essential when repairing or servicing a well water system. If you discover any issues during routine inspection, you’ll need to contact a professional. Each time you open the well cap or cover, you’re potentially exposing the water to outside contaminants, which you obviously want to avoid.

Professional licensed plumbers like Benjamin Franklin Plumbing have the specialized training and equipment to keep your water safe. Additionally, if your well is over 20 years old, it might be time to replace it. Once again, a professional can inspect your situation and keep your well water system in safe working order.

Get Well Water Help in Port St. Lucie

If you have a well, be sure to contact licensed, skilled plumbers to service it, or to replace it when the time comes. What’s more, if you notice a change in your well water, don’t delay. The punctual plumbers at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Port St. Lucie can help. Schedule an appointment today. Our skilled team of licensed plumbing professionals is eager to assist you.