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Help! My Washing Machine is Leaking!


Uh oh! A leaking washing machine is something no homeowner wants to see. And when your clothes washer begins to leak, you want to get it repaired right away to avoid water damage.

What To Do if Your Washing Machine is Leaking

  1. First off, understand that a leaking appliance has the potential to create an electrical fire, can cause mold, and is a slip and fall hazard. It’s important to take care of the situation quickly to avoid injury.
  2. First, make sure you are able to mop or soak up the excess water.
  3. Shut off power to the washer to avoid electric shock.
  4. Next, inspect the washer, front, and back, to observe the pipes and hoses. Check the gasket and seals.
  5. If you cannot locate or troubleshoot the issue, call in a plumber right away.

Causes of a Leaking Washing Machine

Leaking washing machines are actually quite common. Here are some causes of a leaking washing machine:

  • Waterline and hose—A burst hose or pipe could be the cause of the leak. There could also be a clog somewhere in the system that is causing the water to back up.
  • Overloading—Do not overload your washer! It’s better to split into two loads than to overload which can cause the water level to rise over the lid.
  • Imbalanced washer—Make sure the washer is even and on solid footing. Use a level tool to make sure. An unbalanced washer can cause water to splash over the sides.
  • Water supply valves—The supply valves can loosen or not seal properly and cause water to leak. Inspect the vales to ensure a tight seal.
  • Too much detergent—Using too much detergent can cause over bubbling and spillage. Always make sure to measure out your detergent according to your washer’s guide.
  • Faulty pump—There is a pump in your washing machine that drains the water in the unit. From time to time, these mechanisms can fail.
  • Worn gasket—On front-load washers, there is a thick rubber gasket that seals when the door is shut. Over time, water will break down the rubber gasket and cracks will form.

Leaky Plumbing Help in Port St. Lucie

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