Toilets that Save You Money!

Deep Question: Would your life be better if your toilet had built-in speakers to play your favorite song while you went #2?


Follow-up question: How much would you pay for a toilet to fulfill that promise?

If the answer is more than $5,000? The world’s new line of stylish, digital, smart toilets are for you!

That’s right folks: you can get a new toilet for the price of a reliable used car. The ad campaigns prove that they are the only toilets for supermodels living in the Hollywood Hills…who doesn’t want that life?

With built-in wi-fi and an iPad style wireless control, these glamorous bowls qualifies as a smart toilets. Necessary, wouldn’t you say? How on earth did we live without it, you wonder?

All joking aside…

The smartest toilet isn’t one you take out a loan to afford, but the toilet that saves you money on every water bill.

When you upgrade to a water saving, yet powerful, toilet, you can pocket up to $250 in annual savings—now that’s what we’d call a “smart” toilet. Read on to learn more about saving money and to calculate what you might be wasting.

Old Toilets

The size of the toilet tank determines how much water a toilet uses.

In 1992 the US government limited toilet tank size in all newly produced toilets going forward. This water-saving initiative limited the maximum tank size to 1.6 gallons.

Before that, 3.5 gallon toilets and 5 gallon toilets stood as the most popular sizes. Wasteful to say the least.

That decision occurred over 20 years ago, so why are we still talking about toilet water use?

2 reasons:

  1. The average toilet lasts approximately 50 years. So, many U.S. homes are still equipped with wasteful 3.5 and 5 gallon commodes.
  2. The once state-of-the-art 1.6 gallon toilet is no longer the most economical. Several powerful, more advanced toilets have taken its place.

Calculate the Wasted Cash

You might not think about it, but you toilet water isn’t free. Little by little, you end up paying a big price.

Compared to a standard 1.6 gallon toilet, a family who flushes the toilet 35 times per day:

  •  Wastes approximately $200 extra per year using a 3.5 gallon toilet
  • .Wastes approximately $350 extra per year using a 5 gallon toilet.

Approximate your cost.

Bottom line: If you’re using a 3.5 gallon or a 5 gallon toilet, you NEED to upgrade. If you’re using a 1.6 gallon toilet you can enjoy some savings by switching to a 21st century toilet you’ll learn about in just a minute.

Toilet savings 50 years at a time.

The same reason that old toilets are still around is the same reason the savings matters so much.

You might be able to forgive your latrine ripping you off for a hundred bucks a year. But given the longevity of commodes, that loss gets multiplied.

For example, using 3.5 gallon toilet that wastes $200 per year over 30 years equates to $6,000!

Dual Flush toilets

A dual flush toilet uses different amounts of water for the different “type” of waste you’re trying to flush. Only use the water you need, and you’ll save over time.

For solid waste: the dual flush toilet fires 1.6 gallons through the bowl.

For liquid waste: the dual flush toilet uses a mere .8 gallons.

On its own, a 1.6 gallon flush is economical, but when you use a dual flush toilet, the vast majority of your flushes come in at .8 gallons. Imagine the huge potential for savings.

Hundreds a year… thousands over the toilets’ lifetime.

Should I worry about…clogs?

Because clogged toilets are just gross…no amount of savings is worth that. Compared to a 5 gallon flush, a paltry 1.6 gallons can’t be as effective, right?

Wrong. Newer, efficient toilets are better designed. Modern toilets are even less likely to clog than a big and wasteful one. For example, dual-flush toilets are built with larger drains, and they propel water through the bowl with more force.

Toilet wrap-up

Want more toilet talk about wild and extravagant commodes?

Take a peek at the $29 million, solid gold toilet on display in Japan.

Now want to talk about the smartest toilet?

Consider upgrading to a water saving toilet. You can save you $250 per year adding up to thousands over the toilet’s lifespan.

With all that money you could buy a $5,000 toilet that plays your favorite songs…although we wouldn’t know why you’d want to.

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