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Why is My Garbage Disposal Leaking?

Garbage Disposal is Leaking

A garbage disposal is among the most important appliances in your kitchen. It helps you keep your kitchen clean by disposing of food waste. More often, a leak in the garbage disposal may go unnoticed until you encounter a foul smell, a soggy cabinet, or an audible dripping on the surface. A leaking garbage disposal can cause a mess in your kitchen, and fixing it can be daunting, especially if you do not know the cause. To fix the leakage in your garbage disposal system, you need to find out where it's coming from.

Reasons Why Your Garbage Disposal is Leaking

There are several reasons why your garbage disposal system may be leaking. Since the device has multiple components, you need to determine the one causing the leak before you embark on fixing it. Some of the common causes of garbage disposal leaks include:

A Loose Sink Flange

A sink flange is the topmost part of your garbage disposal system connecting to the sink drain. Over time, the mounting bolts may loosen, or the plumber’s putty that seals it may fail. When this occurs, you need to tighten the loose bolts and replace the corroded ones. For failing plumper’s putty, loosen the bolts, clean, add new putty, then fasten the bolts. Also, ensure you clean your garbage disposal regularly to avoid foul smells in the sink.

Drain Line Connection

The places where drain lines connect are likely areas for your garbage disposal to leak. Mostly, the dishwasher drain pipe connects to the garbage disposal system to help dispose of food remains. If the hose is not strong enough, then leaks are inevitable. You can fix this by tightening the clamp. If the leaks persist, you may consider replacing the rubber gasket.

Busted Discharge Pipe

If your garbage disposal is leaking from the bottom, the main cause may be the discharge pipe. The flange and the seal connecting it may loosen due to the effects of tear and wear. Tightening the flange may help, but you may need to replace the seal if the leaking continues.

Cracked inner shell

As your disposal system ages, the internal body is likely to crack. Inspecting the body will help you locate any cracks which may cause leaks. If the disposal system is cracking, the only remedy is a replacement.

Trust your Garbage Disposal to a Reputable Plumper

Fixing your garbage disposal may be overwhelming if you do not have the skills and knowledge to do it. At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, we pride ourselves as a leading plumbing company in South Jersey. Our expert plumbers will ensure you don’t deal with the hassles of a leaking garbage disposal. Contact us today for all your garbage disposal fixes, maintenance, and replacement.