How Does Fall Weather Impact Tap Water?

What Impacts Your Tap Water?

Has your tap water been tasting a little funky lately? Or perhaps, you’ve noticed white specks on glasses – a telltale sign of hard water and sediment build-up.

Autumn months can have a big impact on your water quality. It’s not uncommon to see heightened levels of the following due to seasonal shifts:

  • Phosphorus: From tree leaves, lawn clippings, soil erosion, fertilizer, pet and wildlife waste
  • Eroding soil: From construction sites, lawns, farmland, and garden beds set close surfaces like streets and sidewalks
  • Bacteria: From pet and wildlife, overwhelmed septic systems
  • Toxins: Oil, paint, cleaners, and manufacturing waste spilled on streets, sidewalks, and driveways or dumped down storm drains

What Can You Do About Dirty Water?

The last thing you want to worry about all autumn long is water quality! Fortunately, there are a few easy, affordable ways to ensure the cleanest water for you and your family.

Clean or Replace Filters

At the start of each season, make a point to clean water filters or replace filter cartridges. Filters that haven’t been cleaned may remove contaminants less effectively, causing foul tastes and even odor in your tap water.

Test Your Water

If you can see scales or buildup on your appliances or dishes, there’s a good chance you have hard water. High levels of hard water can cut the lifespan of your water-using appliances by one-third! When present in your bathtub or shower, hard water can also irritate skin and dry out hair. Take action with a water softening solution from Benjamin Franklin Plumbing.

Invest in a Water Conditioning System

Your Benjamin Franklin plumber can install a variety of whole-house and sink-mounted water filters, including popular Reverse Osmosis filters. Reverse Osmosis works by routing tap water through a semipermeable filter to removes dissolved, inorganic materials such as chlorine, excess, fluoride, sodium, lead, nitrates, heavy metals and more. Save yourself the cost of bottled water and enjoy pure water right from your sink!