Sewer Line Camera Inspection: 4 Benefits

A blocked sewer line

Sewer line blockages are some of the messiest, most costly plumbing disasters possible. Issues of this magnitude call for a unique high-tech solution. That’s why Benjamin Franklin plumbers use a sewer line camera to detect sewer line blockages.

Learn more about how a Benjamin Franklin Plumbing sewer line camera inspection helps you, as a homeowner, make the best choices about your plumbing system—and keep one of the most crucial pieces of your plumbing system in working order.

A sewer line camera


As the name implies, a sewer line blockage occurs when a foreign object prevents plumbing waste from flowing away from your home. These are some of the most common causes:

  • Dumping grease down your sink/garbage disposal
  • Accidentally flushing garbage/hand towels down toilet
  • Using “flushable” products—like flushable wet wipes
  • Tree roots growing into the sewer line
  • Old sewer line cracking or disconnecting

The repair for each of these sewer line blockages differs. This makes identifying the cause of your individual sewer line blockage even more crucial.

a blocked sewer line


  1. You get the right fix for your sewer line blockage.

When it comes to repairing your sewer line blockage, one size does not fit all. Finding and identifying the sewer line culprit allows the plumber to use the right solution.

For example, if your sewer line is cracked, a cable clearing won’t do you any good — as it would clearing a piece of garbage or debris.

  1. You get the right fix the first time

Many plumbers who don’t have access to, or choose not to use, a sewer line camera try a basic cable clearing and hope for the best. Rather than finding out what’s specifically wrong, they attempt a basic repair and hope for the best.

We’ve heard stories from homeowners who have had the same plumbing company attempt the same sewer line repair unsuccessfully multiple times— all while collecting a check each time.

At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, we believe in the cut-once-measure-twice philosophy. When we repair your sewer line, you can feel confident that you won’t have to call us out in another month.

  1. You know what to do to prevent further blockages

If the sewer line blockage was caused by your habits, you know what steps to take to prevent it going forward. Sometimes changing a simple habit can keep you from experiencing the nastiness of a sewer line backup and the expense of a full sewer line re-trenching.

  1. You can see evidence of the blockage yourself

When you’re about to spend your hard-earned money on anything, you want proof that you’re spending your money in the right place.

Seeing the image of the sewer line blockage is a way for you to understand the service you’re paying for and to be certain you aren’t getting taken advantage of.

Sewer Line Camera Inspections With Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Ocean County

Sounds like a sewer line camera is the way to go? We happen to agree—that’s why Benjamin Franklin plumbers almost always opt to diagnose your blocked sewer line with a sewer line camera inspection.

However the complexity of this process and the investment in the sewer line camera technology means that most other plumbers don’t have access to this crucial technology.

If you want the certainty that you’re getting a 100% complete repair, you want Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Ocean County. Contact us today for a sewer line camera inspection.