Sewer Line Repair Services

Sewer lines are essential to maintaining the comfort of your home. If your sewer line isn’t working, or worse, is leaking, you need immediate professional sewer line repair service.

To prevent sewage backup or leaks, count on our licensed plumbers at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing for sewer line repair services. Our team has the skills and experience to get the job done quickly, safely, and correctly.

Need emergency sewer plumbers near me? Call our sewer line repair experts at (615) 590-3240!

Types of Sewer Systems We Repair

Our sewer pipe repairs cover all material types and sewer systems, including:

  • Sanitary sewers. These carry wastewater from homes and businesses to main sewer lines and then to wastewater plants. This wastewater is then cleaned at these plants.
  • Storm sewers. These move stormwater into a nearby body of water to prevent flooding around homes or businesses.
  • Combined sewers. These carry both wastewater and stormwater to sewage treatment facilities. However, these types of sewer systems are not common anymore due to the difficulty of cleaning stormwater.

Our Residential Sewer Line Repair Services

Sewer line repair issues are hazardous to you and your home and can quickly turn into costly replacements if not addressed immediately. That’s why our professionals are experienced with all types of sewer line issues, and always show up on time and prepared with the right tools for the job.

Our licensed sewer plumbers offer all types of sewer line repair services, including:

  • Cracked sewer pipe repair
  • Leaking sewer pipe repair
  • Collapsed sewer line repair
  • Clogged sewer line repair
  • Main sewer line repair
  • Trenchless sewer line repair

We use advanced tools and camera inspection technology to first identify the issue and determine if repairs or replacements are necessary. Our team always takes steps to avoid sewer line replacement when possible.

Once we determine the type of repair needed, we’ll either dig up your sewer lines or perform trenchless sewer repairs. One of the most common types of sewer line repair we perform is pipe relining. During this process, we line your existing sewer pipes with a “sleeve” to prevent pipe cracks. We clean out the pipe and apply the lining. Once it’s been relined, the lining hardens within a few hours.

Signs of Broken Sewer Pipes

Since sewer lines are located underground, it can be difficult to identify if they are broken and need to be repaired. There are other signs you may notice around different areas of your home that indicate that your sewer pipes are broken, such as:

  • Gurgling noises coming from your toilet
  • Lack of water in your toilet
  • Slow drains
  • Sewer odor in your basement or yard
  • Flooded yard

Prevent Sewer Line Issues

Sewage backup and sewer line damage are sometimes caused by storms or large municipal sewer issues. However, most of the time, sewer line repairs are due to daily use and can be prevented by homeowner maintenance. To prevent costly repairs:

Why Rely on Benjamin Franklin Plumbing for Sewer Line Repair?

At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, our priority is delivering excellent customer service. We care about your comfort! That’s why we provide you with a 100% satisfaction guarantee that is backed by our skilled, highly trained plumbers. Every plumbing system we design, repair, or install meets the highest industry standards and conforms to all local, state, and national building codes. We pride ourselves on being The Punctual Plumber®, meaning we provide an on-time guarantee that pays you $5 for every minute we’re late. With our team on your side, you can rest assured that the job will be done right the first time.

Find Sewer Line Repairs Near Me

Prevent costly replacement by scheduling sewer line repair services today with Benjamin Franklin Plumbing. Contact our sewer line plumbers at (615) 590-3240 or request an appointment online.

Sewer Line Repair FAQs

Who is responsible for sewer line repair?

We are! At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, our licensed plumbers are experienced and certified to tackle any sewer line repair needs. Call us today at (615) 590-3240 to schedule services.

Can a sewer line freeze?

Yes. This can happen in your home due to incorrect insulation, issues with your heating system, or significant temperature drops outside. Outdoors, sewer lines can freeze if they are buried too shallow. If you notice a lack of water flowing through your plumbing or sewage odors in your home, then your plumbing or sewer line may be frozen. Call your local plumbing professional right away to inspect your sewer lines.

Why does my house smell like sewer?

If your entire home smells like sewage, there may be either a leak or a backup in your sewer line. This can quickly lead to dangerous sewage leaks or costly repairs if not addressed quickly. Contact your local plumber to inspect your sewer line for potential repairs.

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