What Do I Do If I Have Roots in My Sewer Line?

Signs That Roots Have Entered Your Sewer Line

Roots in the sewer line are something that no homeowner wants to hear, but it is a fact of life many people face all the time. While it a serious problem, there are ways in which you can get the situation under control and can continue to enjoy your home.

Signs That Roots Have Entered Your Sewer Line

First and foremost, if you have a tree in your yard, you should make it a point to have your sewer and water lines inspected regularly to watch out for root infiltration.

Especially if your house is older, you likely have outdated and vulnerable sewer lines made of cast iron, steel, or clay, all of which are susceptible to cracks and corrosion. Older trees have large, spanning roots that may have made their way into your pipes over the years.

These are signs that may indicate roots in your sewer lines:

  • Flooded yard
  • Slow draining
  • Low water in your toilet
  • Gurgling noises coming from your toilet
  • Sewer odor in your basement or yard

Prevent Root Infiltration

It’s always good to stay proactive and to plan for bumps down the road. There are ways in which you can minimize the likelihood of root infiltration such as:

  • Planting trees and vegetation strategically
  • Hardscaping
  • Chemical barriers
  • Root removal

Get Professional Plumbing Help in Nashville

If you suspect roots in your plumbing in your Nashville home, do not waste time. You’ll need to contact a professional plumbing company to assess the situation. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing specializes in repair sewer lines. Our team will inspect, assess, and make the necessary repairs for your sewer pipes. We also provide hydrojetting services that clear out pipes without the need for harsh chemicals or overly disruptive equipment. Hydrojetting is also environmentally friendly as it uses only water to gently yet effectively clear out sewer lines and pipes.

We are available any day of the week to better serve you and we can also do emergency calls when necessary. Contact us today to schedule service.