person in showerColdshower 300X 200You made it through the holidays, and other than having to pay the bills you racked up splurging on gifts for the whole family, you can finally enjoy some peace and quiet! 

Of course, you might also start to notice little issues around the house that you were too preoccupied to see, hear, or smell with all the celebratory hubbub going on in the house over the past month.

For example, that rumbling in the basement could be a signal that your water heater is about to fail!

In our years of providing water heater repair services to residents of Montgomery County, PA, and the surrounding areas, we've seen countless homeowners caught by surprise when their water heater conks out and leaves them with a costly mess. Don't let that happen to you; act quickly if you notice any of the following warning signs.

  • Your water heater is more than 10 years old — While not really an overt warning "sign," per se, if you know or suspect your water heater is getting up there in years, you should be extra vigilant for any evidence of the issues we mention in this post. (You can check the sticker on the side of the water heater to find out the age of your water heater.)
  • Strange sounds — A water heater is likely to make noise when the tank gets coated with sediment buildup over time, and the residue gets reheated over and over again. Rumbling or banging sounds coming from the water heater probably means trouble.
  • Rusty or discolored water If you turn on the hot water and it comes out with a reddish-brown tint, that could be your water heater pumping out rust and corrosion, which signals it's at the end of its lifespan.
  • Water pooling around the base of the water heater There are a few reasons why a water heater might leak, and they don't all mean imminent failure. However, if you do notice puddling and your water heater is older, it probably needs to be replaced soon. Either way, get on the phone and call a professional right away to diagnose the problem!

Even if you haven't experienced any of the above issues, now is a good time to pay your water heater a visit and make sure everything looks and sounds normal. Typically, these appliances are hidden away in closets and cellars, where it's easy to forget about them — until it's too late.

Whenever you need hot water heater repairs in or around Montgomery County, PA, the plumbing experts at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, located in Levittown, PA, are here to help. We'll inspect your water heater to determine whether it's on its last legs or if simple repairs are in order. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.