Though plumbing problems can happen during any season of the year, wintertime brings with along it a different array of challenges. Many homeowners make a point of scheduling a thorough plumbing check-up before the freezing weather sets in. Courtesy of Benjamin Franklin Levittown, your prime source for plumbing service in Bucks County, check out our list of the most frequent plumbing problems that our team sees during the winter season.

  1. Freezing pipes

If the weather is frigid enough, any area of your home's plumbing system may freeze if you don't protect it properly. Try to get into the routine of having your system checked each year before the winter cold sets in, allowing you to insulate the pipes that are at risk of freezing. There are many do-it-yourself methods that are useful for keeping your plumbing system's water flowing, such as setting your pipes to slowly drip to keep the liquid in motion.

Also, remember to properly manage the hidden pipes under your floor, within your cabinets, and in your outdoor system. If your system ever does freeze, be sure to shut off the water flow and give our crew a call.

  1. Water heater failure

Some people love nothing more than a relaxing, hot shower — unless your water heater breaks down, in which case it probably won't feel so relaxing. Generally, a standard water heater has a life of about ten years. After the 10-year mark, you may need a replacement, particularly if your unit is on its last legs.

During the winter, your water tank needs to work extra hard to keep the water inside of it at the right temperature, and this added effort may push an older heater over the edge. If your water heater is beginning to show its age, it may be time to consider switching it out.

  1. Burst septic tank

In especially cold weather, the line connecting your septic tank to your home can freeze over, and the tank can sometimes even burst, leading to a critical situation that must be dealt with immediately. Although your system might be better protected during heavy snow cover, the snow can also heighten the risk of failure when it is compacted, as the lack of air will leave your system more exposed to the cold.

If your septic system bursts, you must contact a reputable plumbing service to have the issue resolved right away. Make a mental note to have your septic tank cleaned out every year before the winter cold arrives to prevent any problems before the snow comes.

  1. Leaking water line

You never want to find a leak in your home's water line, but it can create an even worse problem during the winter. Because of the low temperatures, water lines can freeze, resulting in split pipes and holes. Instead of trying to dealing with leaks during the harsh winter, take measures to ensure your water line is in prime condition before anything can happen in the first place. If you find any minor issues with your pipes, call our team at Benjamin Franklin Levittown to come and have a look before your issue becomes a bigger one.

  1. Your drains can get clogged

The winter season can put a greater strain on your home's drain system. Many people tend to eat out at restaurants less and prepare food at home more often as they begin feeling the colder winter temps, placing your plumbing system under extra pressure. The winter often brings a lot of clogged sink drains, making it a good idea to arrange for a system cleaning before the snow arrives. If you discover a blockage in your shower, sink, or bathroom, give our professionals at Benjamin Franklin Levittown a call today.

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