Summertime is the best because it allows us to enjoy both extreme heat and torrential downpours — If you're lucky, you'll get both in a single day.

But jokes aside, the extreme weather conditions we deal with during summertime can cause catastrophic damage to your home. And when sudden storms cause the basement to flood unexpectedly, your entire family's health and safety are at risk. If you are facing a flooded basement without the defense of a sump pump, you will need to resort to the help of Montgomery County's leading emergency plumbing service

Getting to Know Your Sump Pump

Before we show you three sump pump tips to help you make it through the storm season, check out the video below to learn more about sump pumps! Are you prepared for the next downpour? If not, don't worry — keep reading for a three-part lesson on preparing for floods with your sump pump!

Check for Clogging

If you are currently going through sump pump problems, the first thing you should do is check the outlet and inlet pipes for clogging. It is not uncommon for folks to find dead leaves, dirt, and other debris blocking their discharge pipe. Similar obstructions occur inside of the pump if it is not covered properly, or if it is sitting in a dirty area in the basement or crawl space. Let us know if you need help with a sump pump inspection. 

Position the Discharge Pipe Wisely

We've seen this many times before: Homeowners whose discharge pipes lead straight into the ground next to their house and foundation. If your sump pump is draining straight into the earth that your foundation is built on top of, you could just be cycling the same water through your home over and over. Moreover, if it's not draining back into the basement, your yard is likely flooded with rainwater that could have been drained elsewhere with a longer, more carefully-placed discharge pipe. 

Keep a Generator Handy for Power Outages

Picture this: It's pouring rain — thunderstorms — and your sump pump is running at full capacity, acting as the most vital line of defense between your family and the water beneath your home. Even if you have a brand new shiny sump pump, what happens when the power goes out? Here's a hint: The sump pump goes out, too. You should buy a portable generator or look into installing a standby unit. That way, when the power goes out during a torrential downpour, your sump pump can keep running like business as usual. 

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