Do you seem to be experiencing plumbing issues more and more frequently? Pipe corrosion or decay may be to blame. Whether through age or lack of upkeep, most plumbing systems degrade over time. Regular maintenance can extend the lifespan of your plumbing. However, some issues may persist despite frequent attention from a professional plumber. In such cases, repiping may be the answer to your plumbing woes. It can even save you money in the long run due to reduced upkeep and maintenance costs.

Repiping can help address a wide range of plumbing problems. If you are experiencing any of the following issues in Bucks or Montgomery County, a plumbing contractor like Ben Franklin Levittown can help you repipe your property.

Discolored Water – Brown, bluish-green or rust-colored water may indicate that your pipes are succumbing to corrosion. This issue most often affects older houses and plumbing systems. Water tainted by corrosion not only poses a threat to your laundry – it can also prove dangerous to your health. Repiping may be the only sure-fire way to ensure that your water is safe to use and drink.

Inconsistent Temperature If someone uses a toilet in your house while you are taking a shower, do you get blasted with scalding hot water? This kind of temperature issue with your plumbing may indicate inefficient or faulty piping. Such issues can be eliminated through the repiping process.

Low Water Pressure – Pipe corrosion can also restrict the flow of water in your pipes, leading to low or otherwise unreliable water pressure. Weak flow can also indicate that your system has one or more leaks. Besides driving up your water bill, leaks can damage the structure of your property and ruin your belongings. Leaks can be easily addressed by repiping.

Noisy Plumbing – Although it is perfectly normal for your plumbing to make some noise every now and then, protracted rattling and rumbling can easily disrupt your peace of mind. Through repiping, a professional plumbing service can ensure that your pipes are secured and functioning as quietly as possible.

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