Fall is right around the corner! Is your water heater ready to handle the increased stress that comes along with the colder season? One of the most common water heater issues that residents encounter during the fall is unfamiliar noises coming from their systems; they may be hesitant to take care of the problem because more often than not the noise does not directly affect the performance of the heater. However, preventative maintenance can help you to not only stop the noise, but also ensure that you won't need to spend money on a new boiler installation in Levittown later. Here are a few things that might be causing your water heater's noise issue:

  • Loose elements. The material that keeps your water heater working is placed vertically inside the tank, and can cause a loud humming noise if the element is too loose. A plumber can help you to tighten the element and reduce the noise level.
  • Water hammering. "Water hammering" occurs when water abruptly leaves or enters one of the chambers in your water heater. The sudden force causes the heating system to abruptly turn off, and move or bang against the walls and pipes surrounding it. This can eventually cause serious damage to your piping and drywall, so if you notice a loud hammering noise, you'll want to call for emergency plumbing in Newtown as soon as you can.
  • An old heat trap. Not every noise that a water heater makes can indicate a problem; for example, most water heaters have valves that allow the machine to blow off excess steam that might make a slight ticking or tapping noise if the valves are old and have not been replaced in a long time. If the noise bothers you, a professional plumber can replace the heat trap with a dielectric nipple.

The solutions to most water heater issues can be found in regular preventative maintenance and care. If your water heater hasn't been inspected in a while, call Ben Franklin plumbing at: (215) 515-0918 to schedule an appointment or for more information.