As winter finally sees itself out, the incoming warm weather has us all itching to leave the house and enjoy the outdoors. Of course, the sunlight streaming in your windows also means you can't ignore that thick layer of dust on your baseboards. Before you go anywhere, it's time for the yearly spring clean.

While you're at it, check up on the status of your plumbing system (and avoid the need for emergency plumbing services when you'd rather be barbecuing). Drawing on our years of experience in serving Plymouth Meeting and the surrounding areas, we've compiled a few tips to keep in mind while you're getting your house in order:

Check toilet for leakage – Test the security of your toilet tank with a simple test — all you need is a bottle of red food coloring. Add several drops of food coloring to the toilet tank, and check back a few hours later. If the water in the toilet bowl has turned red, you've got a leak! Water that seeps through to the bowl from the tank is usually a sign of a tank ball that needs to be replaced. Call your plumber to avoid high water bills.

Don't mistreat your garbage disposal – Giving that smelly fridge the thorough clean it's needed since Christmas? While a handy fixture for whisking away your leftovers, your garbage disposal can handle only so much stress. Toss in all the food you want, but don't dispose of hard materials like corn husks, egg shells or bones, and never pour fats or cooking oils down the drain. You can also extend the disposal's lifespan by using only cold water.

Got a clog despite your best efforts? Put down the Drano, pick up the phone and call a plumber.

Speaking of Drano – "Better living through chemistry" doesn't apply to your plumbing system. Caustic chemical cleaning agents are a tempting quick fix for clogs, but they can cause long-term damage to your pipes with repeated use. Always use a pipe snake or other manual means of clearing pipes first. Better yet, preemptively clean your pipes by scheduling regular plumbing system maintenance.

If you're thinking of using a chemical cleaning agent as a last resort, consider calling Ben Franklin Plumbing first. We can provide you with an eco-friendly resolution to help maintain your drains. In the case of fully clogged drains and pipes, call your plumbers at Ben Franklin Plumbing –they have the right equipment on hand that can take care of severe blockages without ruining your plumbing system.

Need help with plumbing maintenance this spring? Benjamin Franklin serves Plymouth Meeting and the rest of Montgomery, Bucks and Delaware Counties. Not only are we a trusted plumbing company, but we also guarantee punctuality and total customer satisfaction. Give us a call today!