If you are getting your bathroom remodeled or are in search of a new shower or tub to fit you, your family's, and your home's needs, then trust the top emergency plumbing service in Villanova, Ben Franklin Levittown, to recommend the perfect addition to your bathroom renovation project.

The shower or bath type you choose when remodeling or renovating a bathroom is dependent both on your personal preferences and the size of your bathroom and home. Certain tub and shower choices are more appropriate for certain bathroom types, but it's also important that you are comfortable in whatever bathing fixture you put in your home.

The following suggestions will break down what type of shower or tub is best for you based on both your personal preferences and they type of bathroom you have.

If you:

Prefer to take showers

If you primarily take showers, a stand-alone shower is the best choice for you.

Take both showers and baths

If you have a family with young children or you enjoy taking baths occasionally, the classic shower-tub combination is probably the best choice for you. Whether you want to take a shower one day and a bath the next, or you always shower and have kids that need to take baths, this combination can prove to be beneficial.

Prefer to take baths

If you enjoy the relaxation of taking baths and don't normally take showers, a bathtub may be a perfect choice.

Like to feel pampered

If you want the pinnacle of relaxation, a whirlpool tub might be the wisest option. Whirlpool tubs have small jets in them to help you relax and feel like you're in a spa in your own home.

Have limited mobility

If you or someone you live with has a disability or is elderly, a walk-in tub is the most practical option. Walk-in tubs make it easy to enter and exit the tub. Some walk-in tubs can also provide jets and other soothing features.

If your bathroom:

Is one of a few in your home

If you have more than one bathroom in your house, a stand-alone shower might be a good choice for one of the bathrooms. While other bathrooms can have tubs for your kids or you (if you feel like taking a bath one night) having a stand-alone shower in one bathroom could be a smart option if you have multiple bathrooms.

Has limited space

If your bathroom or one of the bathrooms in your home doesn't have much space, you should go with a shower-tub combination. They are efficient and can provide both showers and baths for you and the rest of your family.

Be sure to pick the best shower or tub option to suit your needs and the needs of your home and bathroom. Trust the best plumbers in Villanova, the professionals from Ben Franklin Levittown, to install the shower or tub of your choice and leave your bathroom beautiful and functioning properly for years to come.

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