When it comes to anything do-it-yourself, there are myths, old wives tales, and general misinformation that is passed down from family to family–generation to generation. These "tips" are not only misleading, but sometimes leave us wondering where on earth they came from. Okay, maybe–maybe it worked one time, but really? Some of them are simply amusing. It can be heart-warming to receive plumbing advice from friends, family, or even downright strangers, but at some point, a line has to be drawn and misconceptions cleaned up.

Myths About Your Garbage Disposal and Sink

  1. "Lemons clean your garbage disposal."
    Lemons will make your drain smell clean, but it is not proven to fully disinfect your disposal. To fully clean it, you will need to disconnect the disposal from its power source and let a mixture of soap soak in it. After a few minutes, use a scrubbing brush to clean the grime, and then rinse it away with warm water.
  2. "Turn the water on while the disposal unit is running."
    Many people think that anything can be broken down in a garbage disposal as long as the water is running. Actually, there are many things to avoid putting down your drain, such as onion skins, pumpkin skins, banana peels, or fruit and vegetable pips. Any hard or thick food can block the drain or cause damage to the disposal blades even with the water running. Trust us, it won't help.
  3. "Ice cubes will sharpen garbage disposal blades."
    Ice cubes can clean your disposal blades, but they are abrasive and can actually dull them instead. Your disposal's blades are meant to last 10 years, but of those 10 years never should you attempt to sharpen them. When it's time, it is best just to replace the complete disposal unit.
  4. "The water is running quickly and efficiently so my drain is working perfectly!"
    Not exactly. Blockages almost never occur out of nowhere, and are mostly caused by long-term build up on the inside of the pipes. It is best to get into the habit of using an anti-blockage chemical to break down grime and flush it out. It is best to get into the habit of performing a monthly maintenance on your drains in your home. Our EPA bio-degradable product Bio-Ben helps to keep drains from building up with grime and sludge. (This product is strictly a monthly maintenance and does not guarantee against blockages).
  5. "The tighter you turn your tap off, the better."
    Sometimes it isn't always smart to listen to what logic tells you. Even though closing off the tap as much as possible seems like it would stop a small leak, it actually can cause damage and increase the chance of leaks.

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