We know that many people dread reaching out to a plumbing, heating, or furnace repair company in Bucks County. We especially know that they do because most simply do not have the time to wait and pay for a plumber. While homeowners should keep in mind that most plumbing issues need to be addressed by a professional, there are some that they can remedy on their own. In fact, here are five instances (and tips) where you can address that plumbing headache all by yourself.

You (accidentally) dropped a hard and somewhat valuable object down a drain.

When most people drop an object such as a comb or toothbrush down a drain, they don't see a light at the end of the tunnel. However, if you own a dry/wet shop vacuum, you can suck out the water and the object. Remember that this should also be done if you haven't let object fall further than down the drain by running water or flushing the toilet.

Your pipes are creaking.

No one likes to listen to their pipes creak all day and night. But, because homeowners tend to use a lot of hot water, this can cause copper pipes to expand and rub against pipe joists and hangers. So, if you want to stop the noise, take a trip to your local hardware store, buy some adhesive-backed felt, go home, and cut it into strips. Next, remove every hanger and wrap the pipe with the adhesive-backed felt (which will lessen the noise) and refasten it to the hanger.

Have a problem with, or need to clean your sink trap? Always remember to plunge first!

Before removing your sink trap, you must plunge the drain. Doing so will force out most of the water and lessen the mess you have to clean up once you remove the trap.

Address those annoying sounds between two stainless steel sink basins with expanding foam.

If you want to help eradicate those annoying vibrations, you can consider purchasing some expanding foam and filling the space between your sinks. While we suggest that most homeowners do this before their sinks are installed, there is no doubt that it can be done after. Once the foam is done hardening you can even use a knife to trim away any excess foam.

If your sink sprayer gets stuck, you can purchase some foam pipe insulation.

One of the reasons that your kitchen sink sprayer might be getting stuck is because it gets caught on the shutoff valve. If that is the case, you can purchase some foam pipe insulation and place it over your shutoff valve and pipe. This way, your sprayer will no longer get caught on the valve, but merely rub up against it.

When addressing a plumbing "issue" is more than you think you can handle, calling a professional is exactly what you need to do. After all, the last thing you need to do is to turn what would be an easy fix into a big plumbing disaster!