While most clogged drains you encounter in life will not require much more than a plunger, others might be beyond your capabilities. Therefore, to help you better recognize when it's time to give up plunging or emptying another bottle of drain cleaner, here are some things you should keep an eye out for:

A bathtub, shower, or sink drain is always clogged even after you plunge.

Are there any drains in your home that get clogged on a monthly, weekly, or even a daily basis? Well, if there are, the chances are that your plunger and/or drain cleaner are not doing the trick, and there may be some unforeseen and bigger problems. Whatever the case, if you have a drain that has repeatedly been clogged over a short period, it's likely there is something else going on, and only a professional will be able to determine the real problem.

Multiple clogged drains at one time.

If your bathroom sink, toilet, and shower are all clogged, it's possible that there is a clog in your main drain system. If you suspect this is so, it's best to put away the plunger and call a nearby plumbing company because there is likely no way you will get that unclogged!

That foul odor coming from your drain will NOT go away no matter what you do.

Even though a foul-smelling drain can be a quick fix for most, it's not always that easy. This is especially true in cases where there is a build-up of pollutants. If you keep on smelling a foul odor (even after you do a thorough drain cleaning yourself) it's time to reach out for professional help, as a plumber will be able to diagnose what is actually causing those horrid smells.

Your drains keep moving slow no matter how often your plunge.

Take it from us, plunging a drain will never solve every problem, especially a slow drain. What's more, a slow drain could also indicate a variety of unforeseen problems, so the best thing to do is call a plumber!

When it all comes down to it, if you can't fix the clog on your own, it's time to call for professional help! Plus, if you do try to act like you can figure out the problem, you might end up making things worse than they are, and that small fix could turn into a big plumbing disaster!