For many, garbage disposals add a new level of convenience to the kitchen. Not only does it provide a quick and mess-free way to dispose of food waste, but it also eliminates anything from sitting and dispersing an odor. However, with the good comes the bad. Often, homeowners think these machines are indestructible and will quickly shred anything they want to dispose of, then flush it away. Unfortunately, they have their limitations and do require regular maintenance. To help you keep your garbage disposal running its best, our expert technicians have created a list of tips.

Water: You should always run the water before, during, and after using the garbage disposal. By doing so, you will ensure the system is properly lubricated. Without running the water, you could overload the system and burn out the motor. It is important to use cold water, as warm water can melt any fat, which will lead to it sticking to the walls and creating a clog down the road.

Chemicals: Before pouring any chemicals down the drain, we recommend doing some research. Some products are corrosive enough to remove the protective coating on the blades. Other chemicals can eat away at the interior of the disposal and potentially cause rust that will require repairs from your local plumbing service in Bucks County.

Bad Foods: One of the first things that you should do when you first get a garbage disposal is learn what foods should never be put in the system. You should avoid putting pasta, rice, and any other starchy food down there, as starch will expand when the water hits and create a clog. Fats are another item that should not be poured down the disposal as they can solidify and form a blockage.  Many do not realize that even egg shells pose a threat to their unit as they can stick to the sides and lead to a buildup as well.

Take It Easy: Slow and steady always win the race. Putting too much in at once can jam the blades or clog the drain. Pushing the waste in too fast can cause the blades to cut chunks too large for the line to properly handle. It is important to take your time and make sure the garbage disposal has a chance to thoroughly grind everything.

Clean It: Much like any appliance, it should be regularly cleaned. Our plumbers recommend pouring a small amount of soap down the drain and then rinsing it with cold water at least once a month. If you mix ice with citrus peels and put them in the disposal, you will get great results. The ice will sharpen the blades while the citrus will disinfect the unit and leave a fresh scent.

With these tips, you will ensure your garbage disposal is clear and running smoothly. If it does become clogged, call our plumbers in Bucks County before any more damage is done to the unit.