You take a shower, wash dishes, do a load of laundry, clean vegetables and create a delicious meal for your family. As you go throughout your day using hot water whenever needed, how often do you think about the water heater that makes it all possible? Like most people, it probably isn't until the water heater isn't working the way you expected it to, or it is leaking and creating havoc in your household.

Water heater problems are normally obvious and can include the following:

Not enough hot water: This is usually a problem with the thermostat. There could also be a dip tube problem, or it could be caused by clogged burners or low gas pressure. If the thermostat is working, you should contact one of our technicians immediately for hot water heater repairs in Bucks County.

Water is too cold or too hot: Improper temperatures could mean that the electric heating element isn't working. A malfunctioning thermostat can also cause this problem, as could a pilot light that is out. Some of these problems can be fixed easily by a trip to the local hardware store, but if in doubt make a service call.

Water has a bad smell: The most common cause of this problem is a bacterial or fungal infection. Bacteria can react with the anodes that come with most water heaters, and the reaction may produce that rotten egg smell. However, the problem could also be your source water, if only the cold water smells. This problem can be solved by flushing your tank, or by installing a whole house water filter or water softener. Our plumbers can inspect the unit to determine the cause and best course of action.

Water is discolored:  Black or rusty colored water is usually caused by a dissolved anode or your source water; iron, copper and other minerals can cause discoloration in water. To solve these kinds of issues, you can change your tubing or consider installing a whole house water filter and/or a water softener. Contact our plumbing professionals if you need help determining the cause.

Tank is making odd noises: Most noise issues are caused by a sediment buildup in the water tank or because the heating element is burning out. Flushing the system or replacing the heating element may fix the problem. Making a service call when in doubt is always recommended.

Tank is leaking: Water coming from the top or bottom of your machine can be related to the temperature and pressure valve inside the tank or corrosion. Unfortunately, there are no fixes for a leaking water heater, and it will need to be replaced. You should contact one of our technicians immediately for hot water heater installation in Bucks County.

Our plumbing professionals are always happy to help when unexpected emergencies come up, or if your hot water heater is not working properly. Contact our plumbers in Bucks County to inspect the unit for repairs or replacements.