During times when you have guests staying at your house, your plumbing is put under extra stress as it tries to keep up with the increased workload. From showers to washing machine lines, the pipes are pushing out and taking in much more water and debris than they normally do. When the line does clog, your house is put in danger of water damage, which will cost more than having the drain cleaned by a plumbing company near Bala Cynwyd. To help you take the necessary precautions to protect your pipes when guests are over, here are some easy ways to clear your drains at the first sign of a clog.

  • Plunger: When a blockage happens in a pipe, many homeowners' first course of action is to use a plunger. They are an inexpensive option that can clear minor debris, but will be ineffective against larger clogs.
  • Drain Cleaner: For more serious clogs, you can purchase a drain cleaning chemical. It is important to get one that is right for your plumbing as some can damage garbage disposals and plastic pipes. While they will get the job done, repeated use can cause excessive damage to the pipes.
  • Baking Soda/Vinegar: If you would like to use an option that is better for your pipes than drain cleaners, you can mix baking soda and vinegar and pour that down the pipe. When the two products come in contact with each other, the chemical reaction is powerful enough to remove stubborn clogs. It also works to get rid of any odors.
  • Brine Solution: For kitchen sinks, or drains with odors, pour a brine or powerful salt-water solution down the pipe. It will not only remove the smell, but also prevent grease from building up and clogging the line.
  • Drain Snake: When the other options fail, you can purchase a drain snake. Begin the process by threading the tool into the pipe and pushing the clog out. Once you think the debris has been dislodged, hold a garden hose to the line on full blast. The pressure will clear out the remaining debris and push it into the sewer.

When you notice that your water is draining slower than normal, it is important to use any one of these tips to remove the clog before it blocks the entire pipe. If you have tried all of these options and made no progress, call our plumbing company near Merion, PA to resolve the problem before the appliance can flood the room.