It is recommended that homeowners choose a plumber before they have any major emergencies so they are not scrambling to find a plumbing service in Plymouth meeting the last minute. Especially when services are needed as soon as possible and there is little time to research a reliable plumber to deal with a toilet leak, and or a broken pipe that is damaging the basement ceiling.

If you know a builder or contractor contact them for a referral since they deal with plumbers frequently and normally have opinions about various local plumbers such as plumbers in Plymouth meeting. Contractors are usually aware of several plumbers quality work and their operating prices.

You can also speak to the real estate agent who represented you when you purchased your home. Many times real estate experts recommend plumbers and other contractors to their clients.

Try not to leave your name and phone number on a plumber's answering machine unless you're calling after hours, and pay attention to who answers the phone.  When you speak to a plumber make sure you get the plumber's license number before you hang up.

Also do not forget to obtain a price for the work needed before the job starts. Many reputable plumbers will give you a bid, without really knowing the extent of the damages, while others will not until they examine and see the extent of the problem. If this is the case ask the plumber for a worst-case scenario price to give you an idea of the work needed.

Finally, ask the plumber about their service warranty before hiring him to complete the job. If the plumber is unable to provide you with an acceptable time frame that should get you thinking if they are a reputable plumber. Keep in mind that a good plumber will return to fix a leak or a problem that occurred because of his error.