Before you decide to replace your bathtub, consider whether or not you can re-glaze first before completely changing your tub. The decision to completely replace your bathtub can be a costly choice, but there are other options to refinish rather than replace your existing tub.

Although bathtubs are designed to be durable and last for years, even the most well-constructed bathtubs will ultimately require repair and in some cases, replacement. Before you make the decision to repair or replace consider the costs involved and the overall results you are trying to reach.

Sometimes old and damaged bathtubs can be difficult to clean, the plumbing may be outdated, and complete replacement may be your best option. However, before you decide to replace the tub make sure you can cover the cost of replacement and installation of the new bathtub.

Keep in mind that a new tub can cost you anywhere between $200 to $350 not including the cost of plumbing, tile and grout installation, molding, and caulking which can equal you a total price tag into the $2,000 range.

If replacing your bathtub at this time is not necessary you can refinish your bathtub instead, which is a more cost-saving option for homeowners.

Overall, bathtub refinishing is going to be your less expensive and less time-consuming option if you have the option to do this, because it will not require that you obtain new plumbing installation or remodeling. The refinishing process is normally completed in a 24-hour period, and there are many different colors you can choose from. However, keep in mind that if you re-glaze your bathtub it is not going to change the shape, style or size of the tub, and it may be necessary to replace your current plumbing fixtures.