With fall and winter just around the corner, it's important to make sure your heater is in excellent condition. Most homes in the Bucks County area use boilers as their preferred heating system due to their consistent heat flow, high-quality air, and energy-efficient performance. Boiler problems usually occur during the first few colder months, when they're first used after months of inactivity in the hot summer. To make sure your boiler is working up to par, watch out for these common issues that could signal a more significant dilemma. 

  • Cold radiators: The most obvious clue that your boiler is not acting quite right is an unheated room. If your heating system is turned on and the radiators are cold to the touch, it usually means the hot water is not reaching the rooms. This is a significant issue that requires a professional repair, so don't hesitate to reach out to our boiler installation branch in Ivyland and surrounding areas for swift consultation and service. 
  • Water leakage: 
  • Corrosion: Though boilers are equipped with an anode rod to prevent corrosion, over time some rods may get rusty themselves. A rusty rod will not be useful for much of anything and can lead to severe corrosion in the body of the boiler. If caught soon enough, you will notice that only the heat exchanger suffers from significant corrosion and needs to be replaced. However, corrosion can spread to other parts of the boiler, resulting in a complete boiler replacement. 
  • Uneven heating: If you notice that the heat is not uniformly flowing in your house, you may have a circulation problem. This could be a simple explanation, like a closed vent, or a much bigger issue, like a broken circulator pump. 

This list of common issues is only meant to act as a guide in identifying the state your boiler is in. If you experience any boiler problems, whether listed here or not, do not hesitate to call our boiler installation experts in Warminster, Buckingham, Doylestown, Hatboro, and Ivyland at (215) 712-8650.

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