Essential Tips for Your Bathroom Remodel

If you're starting to get tired of your old, dilapidated bathroom, and you've been thinking it's time for a renovation, your search for the right company to handle the job is over.   

At Ben Franklin – Doylestown, our plumbers have the tools and training to transform your bathroom into the most luxurious part of your home. To get the most out of your remodel, here's what we recommend:

Focus on the Tub and Shower

The highlight of any bathroom renovation is the tub or shower, because these are the items that give you the most choices in terms of comfort and special features. Things like toilets or sinks can have special features and aesthetic appeal, of course, but tubs and showers are the star attraction when it comes to giving you the chance you bask in luxury in your new bathroom. At Ben Franklin – Doylestown, you can get:

Luxury Tub Installation

We put the "bath" in "bathroom" with our tub installations. A luxury tub can be much more than a large water basin where you'll attend to your personal hygiene needs; it'll be your home's private spa. It'll be your favorite place in your home to relax after a long day. Our luxury tub options include:

  • Jetted tubs
  • Walk-in tubs (for homeowners with limited mobility)

For an installation of this scale, hiring the wrong plumber can be disastrous. Only a highly-trained plumber should attempt to install tubs that involve complex piping and jetting systems, as these do.  

Luxury Shower Installation

A shower may not seem as relaxing as a bath, but that doesn't mean your new shower can't be luxurious. Our specialties include:

  • Luxury stand-alone showers
  • Walk-in showers (for homeowners with limited mobility)

Functionality is even more important than luxury. If a shower installation job isn't done right, you can end up with misaligned water pipes – and that means leaks in your walls that require further expenses for repairs.

Shower Nozzles

There's more to a luxury shower than the structure of the stall. There's also the nozzle, and our advanced nozzles are just what you're looking for if you want peak relaxation. These nozzles have adjustable pressure and patterns, so you can find the perfect, soothing setting.  

Hire the Right Company

We've answered the "what" of renovation, so now it's time for the "who." That would be us. At Ben Franklin Plumbing – Doylestown, we have more than three decades of experience as a business, and our technicians have even more decades of combined experience.

We stand behind our work by offering two-year warranties on labor and parts, so there's no risk to you if something should happen to go wrong soon after we've finished our work. Something going wrong is unlikely, though, because of the attention to detail and careful planning we bring to every job.

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Your bathroom renovation should be a luxury, a decision made after careful planning and consideration. It probably won't be an emergency.

But if you have an emergency, we can help with that, too. We're the leading provider of same-day emergency plumbing services in the Plymouth Meeting area. Whether you have problems with your water heater, sewage pumps, drains, pipes, or anything else related to your home's plumbing, you can call us to get help.

For these and other services from Ben Franklin – Doylestown, contact us today!