More Efficient Ways to Heat Your Home This Fall

Don't get tricked into paying more to heat your house this fall. Ben Franklin Doylestown has a treat for you!

Aging water heaters and boilers could be the reason your bills are increasing. Waiting for water to go from cold to hot to wash dishes or take a shower could be wasting more than just water. The more hot water that€˜s used, the more money you have to pay for utilities. So instead of reconsidering your energy provider this fall, you should consider contacting Ben Franklin Doylestown for your heating needs.

Advantages of High-Efficiency (HE) Water Heaters

  • Reduced operating costs. High-efficiency units are so efficient because they extract a high level of heat energy without a lot of waste, meaning they can do more with the fuel in less time.
  • Hot water, quick! HE units can heat water at a faster rate than standard water heaters. This means no more running the water for 10 minutes before you hop in your shower.
  • Safer & more eco-friendly operation. For green-conscious households, high-efficiency is a no-brainer. Carbon monoxide and greenhouse emissions are significantly reduced since less energy is used.

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Advantages of High-Efficiency Boilers

Each boiler comes with an energy efficient rating, making your decision easier. You can save up to 30% on energy bills just by switching to an energy efficient boiler. And if you're getting spooked by odd noises coming from your boiler, now is a great time to switch!

  • Better ventilation. OIder boilers use a draft method of ventilation, while more efficient models use a method that is mechanically assisted. Since this is typically a direct-vent system, the combustion air comes in from outside, and the combustion chamber is sealed off from the house air, reducing the likelihood of fumes spreading throughout the house.
  • Lower operating costs. Just like high-efficiency water heaters, high-efficiency boilers are cheaper to maintain than older versions.

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