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Why Your Water Needs Testing and Treatment

When you turn on the faucet in the morning to brush your teeth and take a shower, much more is going on than you might think. For water to enter your home, it must first be collected in various forms of reservoirs, accessed through a well drilled into the earth, pumped to the surface, treated by a facility, and then carried through numerous pipes before it ever even reaches your property. During all of this movement, the water collects bits of soil erosion, sediments, chemicals and other particulate matter. The presence of these contaminants can not only damage your home's plumbing system but endanger the health of you and your family.

If you haven't had your water tested recently, you could be putting your home at risk. Give Ben Franklin Doylestown a call at (215) 712-8650 and talk to one of our plumbing technicians to discuss water testing and water treatment in Warminster today. We care about our customers and know that our services are imperative to not only the functional day-to-day operation of your household but to your safety.

Public Vs. Private Water Testing and Treatment

If you have a private well to supply your property with water, there is a higher chance that your water may need treatment. This is because public water is regulated by the EPA (the United States Environmental Protection Agency) and is tested more regularly than private water sources. The 1974 Safe Drinking Water Act enables the EPA to protect national drinking water though standards of quality and oversight. Private wells can be difficult to keep up with for some residents, especially when they have been drilled in areas that are hard to access. Rather than leaving your health to chance, it is important to hire a professional like one of our plumbers at Ben Franklin Doylestown to perform water testing and water treatment in Hatboro.

Even if your home or business is supplied water by public distribution means, there are still several cases in which contaminants can enter your water. Germs and chemicals leak into drinking water through missteps in manufacturing processes, sewer overflows and malfunctioning wastewater treatment systems (like neighboring septic systems). Land use practices nearby can also alter your water, introducing fertilizers, pesticides and other things that are fatal when ingested in large amounts.

Health Risks Associated With Water Contamination

When your water has been compromised, you may suffer gastrointestinal illnesses, reproductive complications, and even neurological disorders. It can be twice as dangerous for children, pregnant women, and the elderly to be exposed to contaminated water for an extended period of time. If your water has changed color, has a particular odor, seems to have visible particles or isn't tasting right, then it is crucial for you to have your water tested and treated with Ben Franklin Doylestown as soon as possible.

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