Nobody (that we know of) really enjoys bathroom cleaning time, but when it comes to household hygiene, few things are more important. Have you ever been in a bathroom that has never been cleaned? It’s not pleasant, that’s for sure.

Think of it this way: you have to clean your bathroom. Everyone does. If you do a quick and sloppy job, you’ll end up having to clean it more, and you’ll dread using it. Do you really want to dread using the bathroom? If you do a really good job, on the other hand, not only will using the bathroom become a far less frightening proposal, you’ll feel a lot better about the hygiene of your whole house.

Best of all, if you follow our handy-dandy guide, it won’t even take you very long! If you complete every step on this list once every three weeks or so, your bathroom will thank you.

Clean Toilet

Apply a disinfectant liberally to all surfaces of the toilet including the seat, tank, lid, rim, and handle. You could even scrub the floor around the toilet. Then squirt the recommended amount of toilet bowl cleaner directly into the toilet bowl and use a toilet wand or brush to scrub the inside of the bowl thoroughly. After the disinfectant has been given a minute or two to sit, wipe it off with a clean cloth.

Clean the Shower

This is an important part of maintaining the hygiene of your whole bathroom. So important, in fact, that we’ve already written another checklist about it!

Scrub the Sink

Apply a dish washing or sink cleaning solution to a damp washcloth and wipe down every surface of the sink thoroughly. Wipe the sink basin, faucets, rim, and drain. Rinse everything and repeat the process one more time. Consider using an old toothbrush on grout or buildup on the drain or in joints.

Disinfect and Wipe the Counter

Apply a disinfectant spray to any counter surface in your bathroom and scrub thoroughly with a washcloth. Let the disinfectant sit for a minute or two, then wipe it away with a damp cloth or towel.

Clean and Shine the Mirrors

Spray glass cleaner on another washcloth, or dip that washcloth in dishwashing solution and water. Polish the mirror to a shine. If you have a vanity or medicine cabinet mirror, do that one too.

Sweep and Vacuum the Floor

Start by shaking out every bathroom rug. Remove the rugs from the bathroom, then sweep the floor. Look for anything the vacuum might miss. Then, go back over the floor with your vacuum, and make sure it’s set for whatever kind of floor you have in your bathroom.

Dust and Vacuum the Air Vents

While you’re vacuuming, you could simply take the head off the vacuum and use the nozzle to thoroughly vacuum dust and other particulates from the air vents. Make sure you get the ones on the ceiling as well as the ones on the floor. If dust is clinging to the surfaces of the vents, consider using a duster, as well.

Mop the Floor

After you’ve vacuumed up anything that would get in the way, mop the floor using a mixture of disinfectant or dishwashing soap and warm water. A sponge mop would be particularly effective. After the disinfectant is applied, wring the mop out, dip it into clean water, and mop the floor again. Finally, dry the mop out and mop out excess water left over.

Clear Out and Clean Medicine Cabinet

Clear everything out of your medicine cabinet. Look for anything you can throw away and wash off anything that looks dirty. Then, use a spray cleaner and washcloth to clean the inside of the cabinet itself. Scrub particularly dirty areas with your old toothbrush.

Wash the Bathroom Cabinets

Dip a washcloth in a mixture of water and cleaning solution and then scrub down the cabinets in the bathroom from top to bottom. Rinse with a washcloth and then repeat with the mixture again. Don’t forget the handles and knobs. Make sure the cleaning solution you use is safe on wood, if that’s what your bathroom cabinets are made of.

Wash and Replace Linens

By linens, we basically mean towels, washcloths, and any other cloth you use in the bathroom. Replace the towels in-use with fresh, clean ones and wash the replaced towels in the washing machine. If your towels are looking old or worn out, consider tossing them permanently and getting some new ones.

Empty the Garbage Can

This is pretty self-explanatory, huh?

Wash Out the Garbage Can

It might sound silly, but garbage cans get dirty, too! Sometimes things cling to the bottom of the can, which can get gross. Wash out the inside of the garbage can, either in a large sink or with an outdoor hose. Then, spray down the outside of the can and wipe with disinfectant. Rinse and dry thoroughly.

Take Inventory

Cleaning a bathroom is a great time to take stock and make sure you have everything you need. Do you have enough soap? Shampoo and conditioner? Tissues? Toilet paper? As you’re cleaning, make note of any supplies you’re running out of.

Final Double-Check

Did you miss anything? Run back over this list and double-check to see that everything looks nice and clean.

Bathroom cleaning is important. Not only will it improve your whole home’s hygiene, it will make you feel organized and set-up for success. You’re the master of your domain!

Another great benefit of regular bathroom cleaning is you can figure out if everything’s working the way it should. If you notice anything that isn’t, no matter how big or small the problem, give Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Dallas a call today. We’ll probably end up complimenting you on your dazzlingly clean bathroom!